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What is a fair price for the right to use the image?

27 May 2014 - 12:24 AM

I got an query from an company about using one of my pictures. Here is the quote "We have the idea to tape a couple of boats with underwater image, so the question is, how much would this cost?" The company website is www.raymarine.fi.


I have never sold any of my photos and I really was surprised of this query.


I need your help!


What would be the fair price?



How to shoot rear curtain with OMD E-M5 and Inon Z-240?

30 December 2013 - 07:17 AM

When I use the rear curtain (2nd curtain), I get a flash at both the beginning and end of the exposure, with the one at the beginning brighter. I find that odd because I thought the flash should be at the end of the exposure.

Now when using rear curtain with external strobes (Inon Z-240 type 3, optical) the strobes fire fire at the beginning of the exposure. So it's not working the way I hoped.


Can this be done? Are some of my setting wrong or am I expecting too much?


Thanks for your help!


How to display EXIF data including copyright info in exported JPEG file in Lightroom 5?

14 October 2013 - 08:57 AM

In the General Rules of Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013 it says that


"All images submitted must include the EXIF data (including date and time of capture, exposure, copyright info, camera model, etc) in each individual image."


I can do that except copyright info. My question is how that can be included in photo EXIF.


So far I have tried following:


1) In Library view I have selected Metadata and from the dropbox "EXIF" or " EXIF and IPTC"

2) When exporting I have selected Metadata and include "All Metadata"

3) When opening the image file from the desktop (iMac) I have selected "Show info". I can see everything else except copyright info!!


Can anybody help?