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Canon 7D acting up: thinks external flash is attached when it isn't

21 January 2011 - 09:11 PM

I had my external flash (Speedlite) on my camera and after I removed it my camera refuses to engage the internal flash. When I press the flash button, nothing happens. When I go to full auto mode and I try to shoot in dark conditions, once again, the flash does not engage. If I try to go into the built it flash menu, I get a message that says that the menu is not available because I have an external flash attached.

I tried reinstalling the external flash and removing it, reset the camera settings, power cycled multiple times, even replaced the battery. Any idea how I can get the camera to see that there is no longer an external flash attached? Things worked just fine just before I used my external flash (which I have used many times before).

JASA Bahamas Shark Trip in January?

08 January 2011 - 05:21 PM

Has anybody on this forum been to the Bahamas on JASA's Shear Water in January? I am considering a trip and I am curious as to what the diving conditions are usually during that part of the year. Since it would be winter, I imagine higher chance for rough seas? What about water temperature, visibility and shark sightings?


Hex key size for adjusting shafts on a Sea & Sea MDX-7D Housing?

16 June 2010 - 01:08 PM

I just got my new Sea & Sea housing for my Canon 7D and it looks like one of the shafts (that's used to control the top dial button) needs adjusting. I need a small hex key to loosen the shaft so I can adjust it. Does anybody by any chance know what size hex key I need? It looks like it's submillimeter. Worst case I will lug my housing to the hardware store but would be nice to avoid that.


Is this a goby?

03 April 2010 - 11:41 PM


I took these on Oahu in Hawaii. I think it may be a goby, but I can't find it in my books. It was lying in a sandy patch and darted quickly after I got close.

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Nauticam NA-7D, Dome Port and Inon Z-240

21 March 2010 - 02:05 AM


My Nauticam housing for my Canon 7D arrived on Friday and tomorrow morning I am doing my first dive with it. I am new to DSLR housings, so, it took me a while to figure out how to put everything together (arms, fiber optics, strobes, etc.). Despite the lack of (some) manuals, I've found the process pretty straightforward and the Nauticam + Inon Z-240 combo is looking stellar (more on my impressions after I actually go diving with it :-).

However, I am finally stumped. When I install my compact port (+base) for my Canon EF-S 60 mm macro, I have no problem attaching the Inon Z240 strobes. When I install the dome port for my Tokina 10-17 mm, though, the port is hitting the fiber optics jacks that are plugged into the bullkheads. I can have either the dome port or the fiber optics connectors, but not both.

Do I need an extension ring? The Nauticam port chart (http://nauticamusa.c...port-system.pdf) says "Port base = not required" for the Tokina 10-17 mm, so, I am confused what's going on.

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I know that there are only a handful of people with Nauticam housings, but I am hoping someone can give me an advice. My dive is in 6 hours!