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Seacam, Inon, Aquatica, Saga and Nikon gear

18 December 2017 - 02:31 PM

IMPORTANT: the gear is based in Madrid, but I will be in New York from the 30th of Dec 2017 to the 7th of Jan 2018, so if you are based in the US I will be more than happy to take it with me so you can spare customs and a big chunk of the shipping costs!




Hi, everybody


time for releasing some gear that I am no longer using, so please have a look and, hopefully, serve yourself! ;)


Everything based in Spain, will ship worldwide (buyer to bear shipping costs)


Payment by either transfer or Paypal.


Thanks for looking!




PS: all photos at the end of the post



1 x Seacam D4 housing USD 3,000

Never flooded, 2xS6 connectors + 1x Nikonos (not pictured but I can sent photos on request)


1 x Seacam D300 housing USD 700

Never flooded, 2xS6 connectors (not pictured but I can sent photos on request)


1 x Seacam D200 housing USD 500

Never flooded, 2xNikonos connectors. Modified by Mike Dive to fit the D300 (reversible mod)


2 x Seacam Seaflash 250 TTL USD 1,100 each / USD 2,000 pair

Hard to find powerful flashes, including neoprene covers and seacam balls. I also include a DIY screw-in system that allows to use diffusers (x2 made from Gary Fong), snoots (x1), barn doors (x2, not pictured) or grids (x2)


2 x Inon Z240 USD 650 each/ USD 1,200 pair

Including neoprene covers, Ultralight balls, knob extensions (to better handling with gloves), 8 x diffusers (standard -1,5 (x2) and -0,5 (x2) stops plus newer -0,5 stops at 4600K (x2) and 4900K (x2))


1 x Seacam Fisheye port USD 500

Including lid and neoprene cover. Small scratch that will not show in photos. Old model, with metal shading, indestructible!


1 x Seacam Macroport P90 USD 150


1 x Seacam wet diopter USD 150


1 x Saga double flip holder for 65mm wet diopters (i.e. Subsee). Fits the P90 USD 250


1 x Nikkor 10,5  USD 400

Perfect working condition and good aestetics - never flooded


1 x Seacam extension ring PVL 70 USD 150


1 x Aquatica trigger for Nikon remote (just release) USD 300


2 x Seacam S6-S6 cables USD 180 each


2 x Sea&Sea N5-Inon cable USD 100 each


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FS: 2 x Inon Z240 with lots of accessories

22 November 2017 - 01:38 PM



would like to sell my two Inon Z240, in perfect working condition, good cosmetics and with a ton of goodies:


2 x Inon Z240

2 x neoprene Inon covers

2 x Ultralight balls (modified to accept an allen head screw so they are virtually fixed -the typical screws are harder to secure than if you use an allen key-). See photo #2

2 x Knob extensions (to better handling with gloves). See photo #2

2 x Nikonos sync cables

8 x diffusers: standard -1,5 (x2) and -0,5 (x2) stops plus newer -0,5 stops at 4600K (x2) and 4900K (x2)

4 x red filters

8 x Eneloops with case

2 x O-ring grease


Shipping would be from Madrid, Spain, at the expense of the buyer. Original boxes would be used plus extra packaging to ensure safe delivery door to door.


Asking price EUR 1.200 for the pair.


Thanks for looking!