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For Sale: Seacam D200/D300, Nikon D200, Seacam Ports (3), PVL65, Sola 600, Fisheye Led,...

05 October 2015 - 01:20 PM

Hi, everybody


time for wardrobe cleaning, so please have a look at what I have for sale.


You can put together a nice DX outfit for both macro and wideangle, with only the viewfinder missing. All the equipment has well cared for and comes with all original accesories (when applicable) and original boxes.


Everything based in Spain, will ship worldwide (buyer to bear shipping costs)


Payment by either transfer or Paypal.


Thanks for reading!




-Seacam D200: never flooded, well cared for (but silver finish scratched by regular use). 2 Nikonos bulkheads, CSM control, leak detector alarm.

The housing was modified to fit the D300 by MikeDive in Germany. I can ship D300 ready or back to its original state (D200) - EUR 800


Attached File  SeacamD200D300.jpg   47.28KB   17 downloads


-Nikon D200: in perfect working condition. Minor use signs. Never flooded. 2 batteries, original packaging and accesories -  EUR 200


Attached File  Nikon D200.jpg   42.13KB   16 downloads


- Seacam Fisheye Port (old model, metal hood) - EUR 600

- Seacam MPF Systemport 150 (old housings type of thread - will NOT work with this housing-) - EUR 150

- Seacam Domeport DP115 - EUR 200


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8688.jpg   41.79KB   16 downloads


-Seacam zoom rings - PRICE 100 EUR/each

-Tokina 10-17

-Nikon 12-24

-Nikon 17-55 (also fits Sigma 17-70)

-Nikon 24-70


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8676.jpg   48.71KB   15 downloads


- Seacam PLV70 - EUR 150


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8689.jpg   41.96KB   16 downloads


- Seacam Macroport P90 - 200 EUR

- Seacam wet diopter I - 200 EUR

- Saga double flip holder for 65mm wet diopters (i.e. Subsee). Fits the P90 - EUR 300


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8686.jpg   42.22KB   15 downloads


- BW diopters +2 +3 +4 EUR 25/each and Nikon NC filters EUR 50/each


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8665.jpg   47.51KB   15 downloads


-Tokina 10-17 - EUR 400 (perfect working condition and good aestetics -never flooded-)


Attached File  20151003_Carrillo_8628.jpg   44.53KB   18 downloads


-Nikkor 10,5 - EUR 500 (perfect working condition and good aestetics - never flooded)


Attached File  10,5FE.jpg   47.28KB   15 downloads


-Nikkor 105 - EUR 400 (scratches and minor rust in a couple of screws - never flooded)


Attached File  105VR.jpg   48.19KB   16 downloads


Sigma 17-70 EUR 222 (perfect working condition and agood estetics - never flooded)


Attached File  20151003_Carrillo_8646.jpg   40.89KB   17 downloads


Sigma 8-16 EUR 400 (perfect working condition and good aestetics - never flooded BUT shades cut to half)


Attached File  20151003_Carrillo_8648.jpg   43.93KB   17 downloads


Nikor 1,4x TC-14EII EUR 250 (perfect working condition and perfect aestetics)


Attached File  20151003_Carrillo_8641.jpg   44.4KB   17 downloads


Sola 600 Photo - EUR 200


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8674.jpg   49.87KB   17 downloads


Fisheye Fix Light Led 48DX - EUR 50


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8684.jpg   48.02KB   17 downloads


Aquatica trigger for Nikon - EUR 350


Attached File  20151004_Carrillo_8683.jpg   46.68KB   18 downloads