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18 January 2007 - 12:38 PM

Last year I was snorkeling in Cozumel and struggling to keep up with the group while hanging on to my Aquashot. Another snorkeler whizzed by me snapping pix with his waterproof pocket cam and I was sold! I'm going back in a couple weeks so I just bought a Pentax Optio W20 to take as my only cam for the trip. I thought I might improve on the little camera's ability to take clear shots by adapting my Aquashot strobe to it. Long story short--I did, and it doesn't work <_< So this is for anyone else who might try: The Pentax flash ALWAYS fires a preflash. You can't disable it. The strobe fires on the first flash and then the exposure is made after the strobe is exhausted. Bummer. I'm sure there are strobes that ignore the preflash but the Aquashot doesn't and I can't justify the expense of a new strobe.

Just thought I'd point that out...