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Hooo-eeee! The D3X price has been announced

30 November 2008 - 09:48 PM

The internets are on fire with the official MSRP of the D3x



A cabin for two aboard Seven Seas, October '09

01 November 2008 - 06:52 PM

I have a cabin for two held on The Seven Seas for a special trip (limited passengers, special itinerary) through Eastern Indonesia in October 2009.

This is a 17day16night trip, whose itinerary is still being finalized, but will look something like this:

Trip dates: Oct 15-31 2009
Itinerary: Larantuka,Flores to Ambon, Maluku.
Larantuka to Alor to Wetar (possible saltwater crocs) to the forgotten islands of Babar to P.Manuk to Banda Neira to Nusa Laut to Ambon.

Arrive in Bali Oct 14, flight to Maumere on morning of the 15th.

Depart Bali 30th night or later. Cost is ~$6015pp (fuel surcharges etc etc may vary, as we all know).

I did a similar trip on Seven Seas in 2007, going in a different direction. So I don't know the specific areas of this trip, but I can certainly attest to the quality of the boat, the diving and many of the people who will be on this trip.

Unfortunately, my wife and I have had to pull out, as we are expecting a little one in mid-March. As this is a whole boat, private booking (there's no travel company involved), I agreed to look for replacements.

So, if anyone is interested and would like to know more, please drop me a line. Genuine inquiries will be referred to the trip's organizer.

Neither I nor any other person stand to make money from this trip, I'm just looking to recoup my deposit.

Ikelite Nikonos-to-Ikelite TTL Converter

19 June 2008 - 10:28 PM

This is a lightly used (dived twice) Ikelite, iTTL protocol nikonos bulkhead->Ikelite strobe converter. Ikelite model 4302. This is the same circuitry as found in the Ikelite iTTL compatible housings. There's little to say about it other than it works.

As demonstrated in another post on Wetpixel:

Proofs in the pudding, or so they say...

Posted Image

Three frames from a burst of 6 taken in less than 2 seconds as I drifted towards the pipefish and giant holothurian, so the subject distance is varying shot by shot. D200, Sea & Sea housing with nikonos bulkhead, two Ike DS51's, f20, 1/200 sec ISO 100, 105mm lens.

Retail is ~$USD350. Asking $180 plus cost of sending it in the mail, or via your choice of secondary carrier. Never flooded, pristine condition.

Sea and Sea DX-D200 Housing

19 June 2008 - 10:08 PM

I'm going to be out of the water for a while, and when I go back in it will probably be with a body containing a 3 (or maybe a 7...) in its name. So rather than see my faithful DX-D200 sit in my cupboard, I'm offering it for sale.

This housing has seen some use, you can see in the images below that there is some minor flecking of the hammered metal finish, particularly on the bottom. Comes with a couple of sets of o-rings, tubes of grease, o-ring extractor tool... The gentle patina of age is reflected in the asking price of $USD1000.00. Allegedly unused, second hand DX-D200's are going for about $USD1700 on eBay at the moment, and new housings still have an asking price around $USD2300.00

I have some ports that would be available to a buyer by separate negotiation. They have seen more use than the housing, but are still optically good. PM me if you are interested. Buyer to pay actual cost of shipping via your preferred carrier, originating from US Zipcode 97330.

Images of the actual housing:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Aperture 2.1 with plugins!

28 March 2008 - 09:13 AM

Apple updated Aperture to 2.1 today.

The plug-in architecture has gone live. Noise Ninja is coming as a plugin. A plugin SDK is apparently on the way.

Very cool

<edited to clarify. Noise Ninja plugin is not yet available, but coming soon>