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In Topic: Goby on Bubble Coral

05 September 2008 - 08:37 PM

Thanks for that ultra quick reply! I kinda liked the diagonal lines that the longer part of the 'bubbles' of corals formed with the goby. I guess that's just personal preference. Would probably need a teleconverter to get a tighter face shot. Wished the bubble coral wasn't so close to the substrate, though. Would otherwise have to become a contortionist of sorts.

In Topic: INON Z240/D2000 Type 3 -- Only compatible with Eneloops

03 July 2008 - 12:34 AM

For all those using or thinking of buying thse strobes, there's now a list of other compatible NiMH batteries other than the Sanyo Eneloops.



In Topic: Reflections in dome ports

01 July 2008 - 07:16 PM

I'm new to this and thought this topic would be worth revisiting. I'm currently having a similar problem with dome port reflections popping up. My setup is a Nikon D80 in a Nexus housing and the problem occurs when using the 10.5mm FE lens and 8" dome port.

I think my case differs slightly[i]. While other posts have reported reflections of the concentric rings and/or lettering on the front of the lens, my reflections are that of the focus ring and the gold band on the barrel of the lens.

My strobes are connected via fibre optic cable and is therefore triggered by the camera's internal flash (set on iTTL).

I've figured out that the reflections are a result of the light from the internal flash bouncing in and around the housing, lighting up the barrel of the lens and therefore reflecting off the dome port and back to the lens of the camera. (I hope that made sense)

I've tried the following:

1. Covering the barrel of the lens with a black non-reflective t-shirt fabric. As a result, the fabric is lit and instead of getting the focus ring reflection, I got a fabric reflection!

2. Winding down the built-in flash to its lowest manual setting to trigger the strobes (Inon Z240 III) and adjust the strobe output manually. Worked very well to eliminate the reflections, but the strobes then didn't function properly!! I don't quite understand why, but I believe the strobes work based on the iTTL signal from the camera's in-built flash. I tried adjusting the strobe output manually, but it kept firing at the same low output at different settings. Need some clarification on this strobes functionality.

3. Cut out a circular shape of cardboard to fit over the lens to block any light from passing through to the port. Built-in flash was set to iTTL again. In this case, the strobes worked as designed, but there was still a little bit of light that managed to get through and this caused a reflection as well.

After trying and trying, I'm still frustrated with not being able to eliminate the reflections whilst maintaining full functionality of the strobes.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem with the in-built flash and reflections. Any help would be appreciated.