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In Topic: Aquatica housing for Sony a7R II

28 December 2015 - 08:36 AM

For those interested in my thoughts on the Aquatica A7rii here are a few short comments. 
I tested the housing for a few days both for stills and Video work and was very impressed both with the actual camera quality
and the ability of the housing to reflect the features of the camera itself. 
The housing can be used for both the Sony A7rII as well as the Sony A7sII 
The housing buttons can be configured to the way you work- meaning you can preset any one of the many buttons and levers to reflect your camera preferences... 
In my case - I used with few custom features  using the housing and camera right out of the box. 
This housing like all others use the Wide -angle dome port for wides and macro port for macro (keeping things simple). 
Ergonomically the housing, dome port, arms and strobes (ikelites in my case) was compact and negative. I did not have floats on the arms, something I would consider.
I used the housing with dual NIK connectors using Ik DS161 strobes but the housing can be used with a supplied Flash trigger  for Fiber Optic trigger or Ikelite Bulkhead.
All bulkheads are manual - no TTL . 
All buttons on the housing are easily accessible.
The one issue I have is not so much with the housing but the way the camera works inside this or any housing. 
When you take a photo the automatic image review should show up on the LCD. This happens automatically when you tilt the camera forward a bit and or remover your 
eyes from the viewfinder- this is achieved with ta light sensor inside the finder area... 
If the sensor is blocked from light all the time (such as when inside a housing) this feature is rendered useless forcing you to press a separate lever
to get image review on the LCD. This is not a big deal- especially from new photographers getting into this system for the first time... but for those such as myself 
that have been in this game for a while- I love auto review and have no time for pressing another button for said review... this is though, a personal preference.
Aside from this aspect the housing and camera work flawlessly to deliver some impressive huge stills and truly good looking 4k footage!!
here are a few images for.
Just my two cents..

In Topic: Aquatica housing for Sony a7R II

28 December 2015 - 06:15 AM

Hi Aldijo2

I have tested this housing extensively- please contact me direct and I will send you photos and my thoughts.



Mauricio -     mauricio@handlerphoto.com