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Snorkeling w/ Turtles and Sharks

01 April 2018 - 07:34 PM

Went Snorkeling here in San Diego, CA this AM (April 1st).  Water temps were very cold, 50-51F.  Still there were several turtles around, and some seven gill sharks as well.  I don't know how the turtles can stand such cold water.  The air temps were warmer but the turtles never seem to leave the water so...


Here's a short video of the mornings swim, shot with a GoPro Hero 6 Black - 




-Roger Uzun

Tuna Crab Invasion San Diego CA

21 March 2018 - 12:23 AM

Here's a short video I made showing the recent Tuna Crab Invasion at La Jolla Shores and Cove in San Diego CA.  This video shows the disruption all these crab have on other species in the area.  Shot in March of 2018 using a Panasonic GH5 camera, Nauticam Housing and Panasonic 14-42mm lens.




San Diego La Jolla Cove Kelp Dive

14 March 2018 - 07:43 PM

Here's a short video of a dive at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, CA from March 13, 2018.  Poor viz so not really good  quality, shot with existing light and a Panasonic GH5 w/ Panasonic 14-42mm lens in a Nauticam Housing.   At least there were plenty of sharks around, although I wasn't able to get too much good footage of them due to conditions.  Water temps warmer than usual for this time of year, about 59F.


-Roger Uzun



Schooling Grunion Video

19 February 2018 - 10:04 PM

Just posted a brief video showing California Lizardfish feeding on Anchovy off La Jolla Shores in San Diego, CA.


Shot with a Panasonic GH5, Keldan Luna 4 Video Lights and a Panasonic 14-42mm lens.


Philippines Threshers and Dugongs GH5

25 January 2018 - 03:45 PM

Traveled to the Philippines in Nov 2017, Coron and Malapascua.  Here's a short video showing a few highlights of the trip.  Some fantastic diving with great guys.  Shot using a Panasonic GH5 camera, panasonic 14-42mm lens, +10 Diopter (+3 in water), CMC-1 diopter and WWL-1 Lens in a Nauticam housing.  Surface shots taken with a Panasonic VX870 camcorder, aerial shots with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.



Same video on Vimeo here - 





-Roger Uzun