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26 July 2005 - 06:07 PM

Hi Alex et al,

Youy're right Alex, the name Tim Rock and beauty are rarely found together.

I saw the bumphead parrotfish spawning at Sipadan once and that was downright dangerous. These are big fish out of control racing all over the place.

Last year in Yap about this time there were surgeonfish spawning in Miil Channel. A wild and very milky scene. Got the on digital as well and didn't need a light. Thank goodness they do it in the open by day (bawdy fish).



In Topic: Aquatica Housing for 20D Yap Images

26 July 2005 - 07:13 AM

Hi James,

On your 10.5 Nikon to Canon idea, we tried with Mike's new lens while he was out diving but just scratched the crap out of the rear element. Don't tell him. Not sure if it can be done. Hope the Super Glue holds.

Seriously, if you go for it before me, let me know. A fixed-focus 10.5 would be quite fun on a 20D.



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26 July 2005 - 07:08 AM


Would Larry and I take strange fisheye photos of ourselves? It was Jan's idea. Keep an eye on that guy. Sane until he gets a camera in his hands. Larry and I are just innocents in the clutches of a madman.



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26 July 2005 - 06:49 AM


I don't do this much so I'll try to reply to everyone here. I guess that's how its done?!:


Thank you for the kudos. The beauty of the Critter Hunt weeks is that mandarinfish dives are nightly, which they are anyway at Yap Divers if someone wants to go. But we all got the fever and went every other night for about 12 days. They were some dud nights where mating was sporadic or they were shy of the lights. I tried 4 nights with some good shots and also some unrewarded excercises in patience.
Now, remember Howard Hall's first rule of being a good underwater photographer? Get in the water!
The one night I didn't go, Russ Stoddard, a Guam photog, had one male and three males go up at once among a veritable porno scene of mandarin mating. Thus, Max Gibbs and I dutifully headed out the next night ( while Russ, who had his shots, sipped cool beverages) and Max and I were rewarded with horny mandarins. The moon was getting full, so that helped a lot. I used just the center focus on the 20D and I wait until they actually get up into the water column paired up. I then blast them with a Hartenberger for focus and shoot off a quick 6-10 shots with the DS125s at low power. It seems if they're really gonna "do it" the modeling light doesn't matter once they're up in the column.
Although I shoot Canon now, which doesn't focus in the dark worth squat, I found that the Aquatica with the D100 was a "secret weapon" at night. The port is wide enough to let the camera's on body focusing light work without a modeling light. In Komodo and Yap I have had night dives where otherwise reclusive creatures could be shot sharply with the D100/Aquatica combo. Try it sometime if you have that setup. Wish Canon had that.

Tony - It is two models actually. One is the effervescent Kumiko Furukawa of Dive Rota (north of me - I live on Guam) who was able to do a Critter Hunt week and the other Valerie Acker, charming daughter of Bill Acker and she is part fish.
Yap Divers does a superb shark feed. Ask sharkman Mike Vietch. When the sharks see a tuna head appear, they get greedy, thus the attitude.
The RAW adjustments let me go a little Saturation crazy to get that Velvia look I like and I also still use Fred Miranda's digital Velvia action.

Mike - You're gonna hate your new 10.5 Nikon. Just give it to me now and I'll suffer through using it. What are pals for? Think I can make some vice grip adjustments to get it to fit on my Canon? We need to get that shot!

Amon - The other element is a beautiful girl with a nice full mask so you can see the eyes. That makes the shot. Remember also, a beautiful girl without the hot pink suit really grabs people's attention!

Thank you all for looking. Hope some editors also find the shots favorable.


Tim of the Deep

In Topic: Aquatica Housing for 20D Yap Images

26 July 2005 - 06:13 AM

Hi ALex,

Thank you. Yes, the 10-22 is a good start. If Canon would bite and make a 10, 11 or 12 wihtout the zoom so you can use just the Aquatica port, I would be blissful.