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Aquatica Housing for 20D Yap Images

25 July 2005 - 03:22 PM

Hi Folks,

Last week I did a review of the Aquatica Housing for the Canon 20D and also explined I had switched from Nikon to Canon.

I attended the Yap Divers Critter Hunt (and shark feed) the last two weeks.

To see more images with the housing and the 20D (wide shots done with 10-22mm zoom), see:


Thank you,


CS2 Bridge Part 2

19 June 2005 - 12:46 PM

Hi Folks,

Since I got no response to my last query but 75 looks, I either stumpd the experts or didn't explain my problem well enough.

In CS2 Bridge (the browse function in the upgraded CS - CS2), when you open a folder you get various thumbnails of the RAW images in that folder.

You can then select images you want to edit and open them in the RAW editor/converter in CS2.

My problem is that my browser seems to want to present the unedited images at default settings. This is irritating more than anything as it goes to a default exposure (as well as brightness, shadows, saturation, etc.).

When you open it in the converter it is easily reset to As Shot settings.

BUT, I would prefer to also Preview the Thumbnails in the Bridge as I shot them.

I can't see anywhere that I can turn off this default preview and Help and Find are useless as usual.

Has anyone else encountered this irritating problem? If so, how do you get the browser to show you what you shot the way you shot it?

Thanks in advance,


Subal and Nikon Gear for sale

19 June 2005 - 04:47 AM

Hi Folks,

I am still cleaning house of some Subal Nikon gear here.

Thought I'd give list members another shot before I try to list all of this on E-Bay.

Most everything is in fine working shape though not spotless as it has been used as working equipment. Everything sold as is. Some have a box and bag and some don't. Buyer pays shipping & insurance by Priority USPS Air Mail.
The D1 is rough cosmetically but works fine.

Please contact me off list if interested:


Nikon D1 - $500 (3 batts & charger)


Subal for Coolpix 5000 with Wide Angle glass dome port and flat glass port - $1200
(plus some telephoto and fisheye screw on lenses for land use)

AF Lenses

Sigma for Nikon 8mm Fisheye - $350

Manual focus lens

8mm Sigma - $50


Nikon SB 50DX - $100

I prefer PayPal payments.

Thank you.



CS2 Bridge

11 June 2005 - 11:56 AM

Hi Folks,

In the new CS2 Bridge, when I go to browse the images the program automatically goes to default settings instead of showing the image as shot. I can't seem to find how to turn off the defaults in the Bridge preview. When I open a single image I can do this in the RAW adjustments but not while in Bridge Preview as far as I can see. It is rather irritating.

Any help appreciated. I am probably overlooking something but Apple's silly Help function is no help.



Where is my RAW?

06 May 2005 - 05:11 AM

Hi Folks,

OK, I give up. I used to have a D100 and when I shot RAW my Photoshop CS would find it and I could browse it and use the wonderful CS interface.

So now I have a Canon 20D. Wonderful toy. But when I go to Browse my images, only the .jpgs are showing up!

So am I doing something wrong? Does all that Canon software override my CS or something. Have I not clicked a prferences button?

Why can't my Photoshop Browser find and display my RAW Canon files?

)I am sure this is an easy one but its late on Guam!)