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Some Ningaloo Behavior Shots

06 March 2007 - 08:12 AM

These were taken Exmouth Australia, Ningaloo Reef, trip in Oct06
Very awesome awesome dive trip and plenty of action almost on every dive.
Big thanks to Kristin Ross and Mary for making this trip so great for Rand and I.
Canon 5d, Canon 100mm Subal Housing, 2Ikelite DS125 strobes
and all exif data on website.
Cleaning Shrimp, Giant Moray, 80ft deep in currents and surge
Posted Image
Estuary Cod, Brown Spotted Grouper Epinephelus Coioides
with cleaner wrasse
Posted Image
Rankin Cod,grouper,codfish Rankin Cod
Posted Image
Chromodoris Coi, look closely the yellow/orange ribbin coming out the side is her laying eggs
Posted Image
one of my favorites, getting this angle
DEEP THROAT again Rankin being cleaned by wrasse, who is getting food.
Posted Image
Nembrotha Kubaryana, eating off a food sauce
Posted Image
we were really getting hammered down here in vis and current
Posted Image
Mating Olive Sea Snakes, unreal watching this action. they would be quivering and chasing and rolling and wrapping and going for air and come back down. Kristen and I froze when they came right through us.
I just couldnt get them to compose correctly, what wild action
Posted Image
lots more of these types of shots and tons of nubranches and flatworms also
copy and paste the whole addy, should take you right to the gallery page
if that link doesnt work,
Ningaloo Gallery on home page.

Cocos Keeling 06 trip gallery pics

19 February 2007 - 02:54 PM

finally got the new site up and going pretty well, so here is this trip.
2part trip, Cocos Keeling and then Ningaloo.
this is just the Cocos portion. awesome blue waters, so, I practiced/worked with that. All pics with the canon5d subal housing, exif/lense data on the site with pics.

i suck at silver fish id's
Posted Image

tomato grouper, Coral grouper cephalopholis sonnerati
Posted Image

Moorish idol zanclus comutus
Posted Image

Blacktip reef shark Carcharhinus melanopterus
Posted Image

saddled butterflyfish chaetodon ephippium
Posted Image
the plan as it was happening underwater was, Kristen was going to shoot me shooting the shark but the shark had other ideas:)
Posted Image

the rest of the Cocos Keeling trip gallery is here Cocos Keeling trip gallery, Cocos Keeling and then Ningaloo.

Octopi of Cocos Keeling, Oct 06

13 February 2007 - 02:18 PM

Little photo essay.
Before our trip to Ningaloo, we added on a small little location in the Indian Ocean.
How many people have Cocos Keeling in their log book :lol:
I know, I've shared this often but find me a good site and I can park on it for dives after dives.
So, we are at a site called Ski Slope, and about 30 minutes into the dive, I come across this Octopus, just hanging out in the open, checking out what was happening.
I was able to get close and under and trying to work some blue water
Posted Image

I see Blaze in the distance and wave her over and some quick hand signs for her getting into position, and almost like she did this before :) :wacko: instantly she took the modeling job.
Posted Image
nice end to a nice day.

The last day, we parked the boat between 2 dive sites, and you know I am going back to Ski Slope and looking for my friend. But what happened was I found 2, and they were already out and looking for me :ninja:
Posted Image
this guy let me get in real close, and I did clean up some sand in PS
Posted Image
and then the two of them, just started bouncing back and forth,
Posted Image
between me and some coral heads,
Posted Image
this one pic, she landed and opened up and I nailed this one, used levels also in helping with the bg, but I still love this outcome.
Posted Image
I did all 3 dives of 70+ minutes on the last dive day with these guys, I was having so much fun and interaction,
Posted Image
I wound up making a separate gallery of these guys
"Octopi of Cocos Keeling Oct 06"

Galleries from Wakatobi and the Pelagian.

01 February 2007 - 01:56 PM

Finally came out of the closet and registered on this site!
(I post as PP on most other dive boards)
This was a trip in Aug/Sept '06, 10days at the Resort and 7 on the Pelagian doing the outer islands. I was at Wakatobi July 01 and this place has really grown up.
Canon 5d in a subal housing all exif data on the web site.
chin rest,
Posted Image
house reef,
Posted Image
house reef at dusk, in the cutout :)
Posted Image
off the Pelagian, muck diving at night,
Posted Image
the rest are split up in 2 galleries on my site.
thanks for looking and all suggestions and comments appreciated--- well maybe :blink: