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In Topic: Ikelite's 8" Dome updated

12 January 2006 - 03:22 PM


Will you have a dome port shade available as well or does another one already on the market fit the "Da Bigga Doma."

In Topic: ice diving and photography

08 January 2006 - 05:31 PM

I have taken my Ike D70 housing/DS125’s ice diving several times. I ice dive in Minnesota, USA so I can only speak to freshwater ice diving.

Most of the extra care needed for ice diving happens before and after the dive. Once you are diving, it is just a cold-water dive with a camera (and a rope, an overhead enviroment and so on).

In general: I set up everything at home and then put it back in the Pelican case. I leave it all there until I someone hands it to me while I am underwater. I do a short dive first to make sure all is well with my other dive equipment then return to the hole and have someone hand me the camera. I use it for one dive and then back in the case it goes. If I do another dive, I don’t’ take the camera.

I had one problem last year, a tiny leak in the form of a few drops. It came from the control that turns the camera on and off. I saw it right away and handed the camera back up. I could not duplicate the problem in the pool and Ikelite found nothing wrong with the housing. I think that the tiny bit of water that gets around the controls froze, expanded, and pushed on a gland letting in some drops of water. Hence, I only use it for one dive a day and or don’t let it freeze. I have found it very useful to dive from a heated shelter so that the camera and housing don’t get too cold. --- OK, so I don’t freeze either.

In Topic: D70 Battery Question

18 August 2005 - 07:20 PM

I have used my Ike Housed D70 on several ice dives. These dives are generally in your temp range. Very cold on the surface and chilly under the ice. I can't tell you exactly how long it will last, but I have never had to change the battery while doing several ice dives in one day. I would say at least a few hundred shots. Hope that helps.

In Topic: Aqualung Mistral 2 hose regulator

27 July 2005 - 09:09 PM

I had one dive on the reg set as well. I agree with the last post but would like to add a bit.

From my limited experience and IMHO the work of breathing realy ruins an otherwise cool new toy (and I like cool new SCUBA toys).

When in normal swimming position the reg required quite a bit breathing effort, a real workout! It would be a good reg if you could stay head up the entire dive, but too much work otherwise.

I did not get it and consider it just another gimmick. It is high on the "great cool new toy" scale but it breathed so poorly I would not use one on another dive.

If you are considering one, please test dive it before you buy and see if you have the same experience.


In Topic: Source for Nikon Diopters?

30 June 2005 - 06:17 PM

I have the same set up you are putting together. I have the B&W +4 (B&H # BWCU467) which works well. It is in stock and $36.

My 2 cents....