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In Topic: Wetpixel Whale sharks 2014

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

Well our early start plan worked perfectly!  We were on our way at 7am.


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The sharks today were a bait more scattered. Still lots of them, and everyone was enjoying great encounters, you just had to work a little harder to get them!


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Virginia and Art working a shark!


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Our skippers were really goos at getting us in the water in just the right place.


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We noticed yesterday that there were less eggs in the water than there have been in previous years. The good news is that this afternoon, we were all emerging covered in them!


More tomorrow, and i am hoping that others in the group will start adding their images soon too.



In Topic: Nikon D810 in D800 housings: Compatibility check

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

I am on the Wetpixel Whsle sharks trip and am using a D810 in Nauticam NA-D800 II housing.


The camera fits (just) although it does contact with the top of the housing when removing it. All left hand controls work bar the flash pop up and the new bracketing button.


The right hand side: Working: Shutter release. AF on. Meter mode selector. Rear command dial. Multi function selector, Info button. Mode selector, EV control.


Not working: Front command dial (see below). Record. Live view, Live view selector. AF/AE lock.


I have modified the housing by reversing the gear that access the main command dial, this is now functioning.


First impressions of the camera are good...



In Topic: Wetpixel Whale sharks 2014

27 July 2014 - 03:24 PM

Day 1 of the Wetpixel Whale Sharks Expedition started early, with us aiming to be on the water by 7am. In truth, this did not materialise, but we did leave the jetty by 7.30. Wetpixel (and ULCS's Terry Schuller and Dave Reid) are running three boats this year and I was on the smaller (but very fast) panga.


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After cruising North from Isla Mujeres for around an hour, we found a really tight group of around 50 sharks feeding on the eggs in the water. We were pretty much the first boat there, so it was a target rich environment! 


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The action was pretty fast and furious, and everyone got some great photographic opportunities.


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This went on for around 2 hours, but as the boat traffic built up, the sharks seemed to disperse. There was still lots of action, but it tended to be with two or three at a time, rather than with a large group.


We got back on shore for around 2pm, and were able to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the surf just in front of the hotel pool!


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We aim to set out earlier tomorrow to catch the amazing first few hours here. I'll report back on how it went tomorrow...





In Topic: Southern Atolls, Maldives - Part 2

21 July 2014 - 03:29 AM

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In Topic: Tiger Beach Diver Missing

16 July 2014 - 04:16 PM

I've moved this into the galley as it isn't strictly speaking a trip report. 


It is however a very sad story and our thoughts and prayers should go out to the victims friends and family.