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In Topic: Help, I've just registered, but can't post.......the answer

Yesterday, 07:55 AM

Hi folks,


For those who have just joined Wetpixel:


Firstly, welcome and we hope that you will become an active community member and find the amazing resources that are available here both interesting and useful. 


At this point, you should have received an email from us which has a link to verify your email address. Once this has been completed you have one more step to do before you can post new topics.


In order to start a topic in any of the forums, you must make a post introducing yourself. Please do so in the Member Introductions thread:




Once you have done so, you can post a topic in any of the forums.


Until you have made a post, you will not be able to add topics to any forum. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us via the Wetpixel contact form:




Once again, thank you for your participation.






In Topic: Help, I've just registered, but can't post.......the answer

Yesterday, 07:50 AM

Sorry to point out the obvious Ross, but you just have.....:)


Have a look here:





In Topic: Panasonic LX-100 Nauticam housing

Yesterday, 07:45 AM

Once again, this is great information, thank you all for sharing.


The +7 is giving you some pretty heavy CA! Check out the edges of the coin. Personally, I wouldn't find that acceptable.


I have my doubt about being able to shoot pygmies (or other small, well camouflaged critters) without a strobe or light source. Granted, the small sensors with help with DOF, but if you have to stop down, it will become a battle between DOF and exposure. The downside of the smaller sensors is they are not as good at high ISO.


You just have to wait for the pygmies to turn back....



In Topic: Getting the best results from YouTube / Vimeo (1080, 4K etc...)

25 January 2015 - 04:21 PM

Great thread    :goodpost:



In Topic: Panasonic LX100 4K footage

24 January 2015 - 01:15 AM

Not strictly related to this, but given that the thread seems to be moving towards a pro vs cons type discussion!


There is (rectilinear) wide-angle conversion lens that will be available for this camera shortly.....


Optically it is very good, and will provide corner to corner sharpness.


I think this will deal with any existing port issues-although let's bear in mind we are still talking about a compact camera that sells for $900!


Let's start a discussion on preparing 4K video for YouTube and Vimeo? Not my area of expertise, so I would love to here more.