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Wetpixel Whale sharks 2014

26 July 2014 - 02:04 PM

This is to serve as a place holder for the 2014 Wetpixel Whale sharks trip. We will be posting regular updates from Isla Mujeres here, so please check back often.
Caron and I actually arrived late last night having here travelled from UK via Montreal! 
Even the welcoming placard for our transfer at Cancun airport had a whale shark on it....
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The rest of the team for the first week will be arriving today, and we set sail for sharks early tomorrow morning. Getting very excited now!
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We will be hopefully be posting lots of pictures of real sharks tomorrow night! 

Image theft on Instagram: Morat Orkun

02 July 2014 - 03:57 AM

I don't normally get involved in this...
Please go and check out Morat Orkun's Instagram page: divingclup.
He has stolen so many images that I recognise, please go and see if yours are on there, and if they are, complain to Instagram:

Now available: Wetpixel Ultimate Tiger Sharks Expedition-January 2015

02 July 2014 - 03:22 AM

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After a break of a few years, Wetpixel will be returning to the Bahamas and Tiger beach in 2015. The Bahamas is still the choice destination for shark diving and photographically offers the best opportunity for creating truly memorable images. As always, the Wetpixel trip will concentrate on providing excellent potential subjects for underwater image makers.


The trip runs from 4-10 January and we will be land based in Freeport and diving with Epic Diving each day.


For full details, please view the trips's page on Wetpixel Expeditions.



Here we go-Nikon D810 leaked

25 June 2014 - 12:38 PM

Hi folks,


Nikon rumors have posted a cached copy of an early hands-on review of the new Nikon D810:




The actual leak lis from a UK site called ExpertReviews and although it has been removed, there is a cached copy here.


The camera seems very similar in layout to the D800/D800e, although the Bracketing button and the Metering mode switch have been swapped in position. This will mean that existing housings will enable to access metering mode still, but probably not bracketing.


The article also speaks ominously of a change in the shape of the handgrip which may presents a bigger challenge for existing D800 housing owners.


Specs include better frame rate, higher ISO, improved AF and S-RAW capability.


Stay tuned to the Wetpixel Full page for the full announcement from Nikon tomorrow, and we will keep you posted on housing compatibility too...



Complete Macbook Pro editing system

23 June 2014 - 02:55 AM

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Hi all,


I am selling my mid 2009 Macbook Pro:


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It has been set up specifically for photo/video editing, with the following improvements:


1. It has has the "Cheng" upgrade, with the DVD drive removed and a 1TB internal spinning drive installed.

2. It has a 240GB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD fitted as a boot drive. (Home folder on the spinning drive).

3. 8GB RAM fitted


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I am bundling the sale with a Caldigit VR portable bus powered RAID drive (currently with 2 x 300GB drives) This is excellent, fast and can be connected via Firewire 800.


Also included is a Sandisk Extreme Firewire 800 CF card reader (the computer has an integrated SD card reader).


The computer has been my mainstay for everything for the past 4 years, in fact most of the front page articles here on Wetpixel has been written on it! It can cope with D800 video and still files, so should be good for most things.....


It has  a few scratches on its lid:


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But is otherwise in great shape.


I'm wanting £1500 for the whole bundle, will ship internationally (at buyers expense) and will accept PayPal.