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Nikon 8-15mm in the house!

19 June 2017 - 10:13 AM

Hi all,


Wetpixel has purchased the new Nikon 8-15mm lens in order to review it.


It arrived today!


Attached File  170619-ahanlon-5165.jpg   134.5KB   49 downloads


Many thanks to Dale Photographic for moving heaven and earth to get one very early for us.


Attached File  170619-ahanlon-0181.jpg   123.18KB   48 downloads


In terms of size, it is slightly longer than the Tokina 10-17mm. Of course, this does not necessarily reflect the len's nodal point, so actual dome and extension lengths still need to be experimented with.


Attached File  170619-ahanlon-0185.jpg   102.05KB   47 downloads


I shot some images of it on the D500 and D810. 




Attached File  170619-ahanlon-26525.jpg   73.59KB   42 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-26526.jpg   90.98KB   41 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-26527.jpg   98.82KB   39 downloads





Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508349.jpg   103.13KB   32 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508350.jpg   106.21KB   32 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508353.jpg   107.86KB   32 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508354.jpg   107.21KB   32 downloads



For FOV comparison purposes, here are two with the D500 and Tokina 10-17mm:


Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508345.jpg   105.58KB   31 downloads



Attached File  170619-ahanlon-508347.jpg   112.08KB   32 downloads



First impressions of the lens would suggest that build quality is similar to that of the Canon EF 8-15mm F/4L lens. Optical quality has not been tested yet.


I am going to try and rig a zoom ring for it now and shoot it tomorrow behind a dome....


Any specific queries, please fire away



How to create great images...

31 May 2017 - 02:27 AM

Hi all,


I have just posted an article on the Wetpixel front page containing some of my opinions about what constitutes great imagery.




Like all opinions, my thoughts should be open for debate! I would very much welcome feedback and other's thoughts on the subject.


Thank you



Bioluminescence use by crabs?

21 May 2017 - 04:17 AM

Hi all,


I have a series of images of this crab with what seems to be some bioluminescent algae on it?


Attached File  161001-ahanlon-506580.jpg   91.29KB   19 downloads


Taken in Lembeh at night.


Any ideas on ID and is this a common behavior?


Thank you



List of definite scammers

23 April 2017 - 12:23 PM

Dear Wetpixel members,


What follows is a list of people who have been uncovered as not being who they claim to be! 


We would strongly advise extreme caution if you are thinking of dealing with them.


Please feel free to contact me via PM if you have concerns about any individual. I have access to tools that I can use to verify people like IP address searches etc. that can help me make a decision.


Thank you!



Watch out for possible fraudsters....

13 April 2017 - 01:38 PM

Dear Wetpixel members,


Wetpixel has been a safe venue for the buying and selling of second hand equipment since its inception and I have personally enjoyed many smooth and pleasant transactions with other members of the Wetpixel community over the years and continue to do so.


However, there are always those that seek to take advantage of communities like this, so may I ask that everyone be wary of the possibility of fraudulent transactions please?



  • Check out the buyer/seller feedback thread: http://wetpixel.com/...c=25594&page=13
  • Payment needs to be via an accepted mechanism, like debit/credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Western Union, MoneyGram and the like offer no recourse if the goods do not arrive. I would advise avoiding sellers offering only these types of payment. 
  • Be aware that meeting in person is not always without risk. Chose safe spaces and environments in which to do so.
  • Do not send out goods until full payment is made and in your bank account!
  • Find out the address of the seller/buyer and carry out a Google maps search
  • Search here on Wetpixel to see how long they have been active and what other posts they have made. Although accounts can be hijacked, active community members are less likely to be fraudulent. If they have been involved in discussions outside of the classifieds recently, this is also a good way to verify their bona fides.
  • Google buyers/sellers email addresses. No results would suggest that they have not had the address for long.
  • Google any names that are provided. Again, the vast majority of people active in the underwater imaging community have some form of web presence. 
  • Please report any suspicions you may have to the Admin team. As a community, we can work together to try to prevent these issues, but in order to do so we need to communicate! 

I recently removed a seller that was behaving very suspiciously and there were numerous messages in his/her PM system from members of the Wetpixel community voicing concerns about that seller's validity. Please get in touch with the admin team immediately if you have concerns like these so that we can investigate and take action as appropriate. As a community, we can help prevent other members from falling prey to these types of fraud.


All the best