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In Topic: Olympus E-PL7 - housing and ports

03 November 2016 - 12:00 PM

I have put the AOI port (forget the model) for the panasonic 8mm FE on the pt-ep12.

Works like a champ.

In Topic: New Olympus camera and new Panasonic lens

19 September 2016 - 01:03 PM

Actually I would kill for a moderate fisheye zoom like the tokina.

Even for a fast WA rectilinear lens...

Wouldn't the Olympus 7-14 f2.8 fill that slot?

In Topic: Olympus E-PL7 - housing and ports

02 August 2016 - 10:50 AM

I have a pt-ep12 with a Zen WA-100 on it.  I used to own the epl2 & housing and had used the WA-100 there.  The port interface is the same.


The port for the ep12 is a bit useless for me also, but it does accommodate a few other lens.  I tried the 17 f2.8 pancake and it worked.  Not sure I'd really want that underwater, but it works.


The great thing about the WA-100 to me is that I can also use the 60mm behind it.  So, with that one port, you can use the 14-42, 9-18 & 60.


I recommend putting the WA-100 on the ep12 so then you can use your full range of lens with the better camera.

Leave the epl1 as is.  You can still use all those same 3 lens on behind the standard port.  Biggest difference is you don't get the full wide angle of the dome.

Of course, you sacrifice some magnification when using the 60 behind the WA-100 semi dome, but it really has not been an issue for me.

The pay off in flexibility is more than worth it. 


And the zoom gears are the same.  Same gear works on the 9-18 & 14-42 and will work with either housing.

In Topic: Olympus Pt-E06L With AOI Acrylic Semi-Dome Port DLP-04P

01 July 2016 - 06:59 PM

I would check with Kent.

you might get best of both worlds, nice glass port for less money.


I bought my Zen used from someone and it's still like new, 5 years later.

In Topic: Olympus Pt-E06L With AOI Acrylic Semi-Dome Port DLP-04P

30 June 2016 - 06:26 AM

For half the price, I'd probably go with the AOI.  

I never was able to find exact specs for comparison, but I think they are essentially the same.


No, you won't be able to add a diopter, but with the 60mm, you really don't need it.  That's 120mm effective.  It's a very zoomed it narrow view.  In fact, I have to back off many times to get what I want in the frame.


I'm really a huge advocate of this port with the 9-18 & 60.  So much versatility with just a lens change and leave the port alone.

I got the port for the 8mm specifically to shoot whale sharks.  I've enjoyed it and used it for other things also like over & under shots.

But the last dive trip I took, I used the 9-18, 60 combo 90% of the time.