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In Topic: Going from S100 to M43, signifigant upgrade?

09 April 2014 - 01:54 PM

Ok guys, the original poster specifically asked about the 8mm FE on a PEN housing with precision dome.

Now, let's compare the size weight of a PEN housing with the precision dome and what ever RX100 housing you chose with the necessary add on lens to get you to equivalent FE view.  I don't have those numbers, but based on my experience with the Inon 165AD I'd be willing to bet there's barely a scintilla of difference in size & weight.


And what about the optical performance of the compact camera lens and then going through a flat port, then an add on lens.

As opposed to a dedicated FE lens and port.  That's what he asked about.

I gave my EXPERIENCE with the ZEN semi dome which works well for some of other lens.

It would be nice if someone gave actual experience of the precision dome with the 8mm on the PEN housing.


Interceptor in your list of weights, what is the weight with an add on FE lens?

In Topic: Going from S100 to M43, signifigant upgrade?

09 April 2014 - 11:30 AM

That's quite a claim interceptor.

did you see the link john referenced with the photo by Alex Mustard with the em5 & 8mm FE?

Can you show anything equivalent from an rx100.


As far as the size issue.  I had an inon 165AD FE lens on a Fuji F30 about 5 years ago.  I replaced it with the epl2.

That little tiny F30 with the add on lens was essentially the same size as my epl2 with the Zen 100 port, but the F30 had worse handling characteristics because all the weight was in the front.  And an Oly PEN housing with the precision port is even a smaller profile.

So, for shooting FE, it's my opinion that the PEN with precision dome will be a better handling rig than an add on wet mount FE lens.


Understand, I'm not bashing the rx100 and if I was buying from scratch today it would be high on my list.

I just find some of these statements and claims hard to believe.  And most come with no proof.

In Topic: Going from S100 to M43, signifigant upgrade?

08 April 2014 - 11:38 AM

I shoot an epl2 in the OEM housing with the Zen 100 dome.  If you search you'll find other posts where I extol the virtues of this setup.  It doesn't give you a fisheye capability, but it gives you the ability to use 3 lens in the same port (14-42 kit, 9-18WA and 60mm macro).

This is very versatile and you don't have to change the port, just the lens.  You can go from a 100 degree WA view to very good macro with just lens changes.  The olympus 60mm macro is superb and you will probably not be able to match it's performance in the P&S world.  


I very much disagree with the comment about the size of the olympus OEM housing.  It is no where near the size or weight of a DSLR housing.  My bro-in-law has gone from an ikelite D300 to an aquatica D7000 and while the aquatica is smaller and much more ergonomic it's still larger and very much heavier than the oly OEM housing.

I used to shoot an older high end P&S.  While my epl2 is larger than that, once you add the strobe (D2000), it's really not that much of a difference in the total package.


While I have not used the panasonic 8mm, it is considered excellent.  


I would imagine your ex was shooting the kit lens on the epm1.  The kit lens is ok, but I rarely use it any more.  I pretty much stick to the 9-18 or the 60mm.   The 9-18 is very good and the 60 is exceptional.


I also really like the ergonomics of the OLY housing.  It just fits my hand well (average sized guy).


I'm sure that some very skilled photographers can get a better image from a S100 than I can from a m4/3 camera.  But, I own an S95, and 3 different m4/3 (em5, epm1, epl2) and everyone of my m43 cameras will outperform my S95 very significantly (as they should).  BTW, at one point I had nikon DX equipment (D50, D7000).  The D7000 is excellent, but the em5 can match it or beat it 98% of the time.  (note, i've never used either of those underwater).

It's the lens that make a big difference.  If you're only ever going to shoot the kit lens maybe you should stick with P&S, but in the m4/3 world you have available to you 2 very highly regarded lens at opposite ends of the spectrum, the 8mm FE and the 60mm macro.


You could also go the nauticam housing route.


So you've seen first hand a big ikelite rig, a smaller P&S rig and an oly EPM1.  I think you can judge for yourself the size/weight trade off of them all without other folks telling you something is big/small.  The only thing you're missing for reference is an ergonomic aluminum housing for a DSLR (nauticam, aquatica, etc).

In Topic: Vacuum leak detector question

02 April 2014 - 05:50 AM

It's a good thing we got a separate mirrorless forum for such engaging topics.

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In Topic: OM-D EM-5 Nauticam with 9-18 zuiko?

19 February 2014 - 06:19 AM

This is the nauticam 4" dome correct?


I wonder if this translates to the the Zen WA-100 dome for the olympus PEN housings: