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In Topic: FIX UWL-28M52

21 April 2017 - 08:39 AM

I don't know if it would or would not work, but this would primarily be something for use on a compact camera.  I doubt anyone uses it on an Olympus EM so you may not get many responses.

In Topic: New Panasonic 8-18mm f2.8-4 lens announced

19 April 2017 - 06:57 AM

I think this lens could be interesting for land use because it will accept filters.  Underwater I doubt it will offer any benefit over the 7-14 lenses now available.  From what I have seen it (understandably) is similar in size to the 7-14 lenses so I don't think it would work in a N85 dome, but maybe it will and if so, I suppose that could be a benefit. 

In Topic: Upgrading from compact.

18 April 2017 - 07:51 AM



I looked at your photos.  You are doing well!  I am not sure which aspects you want to improve with a new camera.  It seems to me that some of your shots are a bit underexposed, although that could be the look you intended; what are you using for strobe(s)?  Also I think some of the shots could be improved by being a bit closer.  Might help with exposure as well. 


I have usually transported all the gear (except camera body and lenses)  in a Thinktank Airport International.  That required the 170 to be packed vertically in the bag which is fine if the bag stays with me.  If I anticipated that the bag might get checked, I moved everything into a Pelican 1510, and would put the housing or a port or two in a smaller carry-on bag.  When I upgraded to the new housing for the E-M1 Mk ii, I found it just enough taller that the Airport International bag is not working for me.  For now, everything but the housing goes in the Pelican and I put the housing in my "personal item" that the airlines allow and that also carries the camera and lenses.  Alternatively, I could get everything in the Pelican except the 170 dome and carry that with me.


When I choose to leave a lens or two and a port behind, everything fits better, but I often take three lenses and three ports along with the strobes and all the bits and pieces.


I try very hard to avoid ever having my dive photo stuff get checked as luggage except when I have to take one of those small inter-island type planes.

In Topic: Small Camera with quality

16 April 2017 - 08:50 AM

I think if you are looking for small, then you might want to stick with a compact, but the next size up would probably be something like an Olympus E-M10 or a Panasonic GX85.  The video abilities of those are likely not as good as a GH4, so you may need to compromise on either the video capabilities of the size.  Of course, compared to a Canon or Nikon housed camera, even the GH4 is small.

In Topic: Nauticam dealers now list part 17713 for NA-GH5

14 April 2017 - 10:11 AM

Not for me to say, and I suppose I don't really care, but I wonder if a lot of the discussion about video techniques and video performance of the GH5 would better fit in the video forums than the mirrorless forum?  Obviously the camera fits under both headings, but video people might have more interest and valuable input on video-specific features and performance.  Or maybe not.