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In Topic: Help with zen 170 dome port II

17 May 2017 - 10:29 AM

FWIW, my understanding is the curvature of the 200 is the same as the 170, although obviously a bigger piece of glass.  How much better the 200 is than the 170 is unknown to me.  I was considering trying it out to see, but unless one pops up used, I guess 170 or 180 is the best I can do.  I am unwilling to deal with the size of the 230.  I am sure Phil has compared them and knows what he is talking about when he says the 200 is/was better.

In Topic: Good results from first dive trip with the E-M1 mkii

15 May 2017 - 11:47 AM

I was using a Zen DP-170 with the N85 to N120 60mm Port Adapter for the 12-40.  I used the same dome with a 20mm extension for the 7-14.  I played with SF, CF and CF tracking with the lenses at different times during the dives.  I found they all worked well, but of course on the 60mm it was easy for a non-static subject to scoot out of the field of view and I would then have to re-acquire it.  In that setting, I don't think the tracking feature was very helpful or necessary.  Still fun to play with but probably not an ideal choice in that setting.  I think C-AF or S-Af would be the way to go, depending on circumstances.  I had no trouble with focusing on the 60mm but I typically dive pretty clear water so not much of a test.




Strobe recycling time can be a pain.  I would love it if someone would come out with a TTL strobe trigger I could use in the Nauticam housing, such as Nauticam offers for the Canon and Nikon cameras.  I don't usually post photos...I am just not that good.  Maybe I will try and put a couple up just to supplement my comments.

In Topic: What do do when cameras can't fly in the aircraft cabin

14 May 2017 - 12:37 PM

As part of a different discussion elsewhere, I just checked and learned that many airlines, and as an example, American Airlines, does not allow, and explicitly denies liability for any photographic equipment transported as checked luggage.  Their liability limits are often ridiculously low anyway, and one should have insurance to cover expensive items, but if you are required to check cameras and lenses and they go missing or are damaged, the airline has zero liability to you.


I can tolerate annoying security checkpoint practices but am not at all happy about the prospect of packing my camera(s) and lenses in a checked bag and hoping it arrives at my destination and arrives intact. 

In Topic: Help with zen 170 dome port II

13 May 2017 - 05:27 AM



I am interested to see how that adapter works out, but I have no idea what it costs or how it will perform.  As I understand it, you will not get yours until June or July.  I think it It is hard for people to make a purchasing decision on an expensive dome based on the possibility that a custom part might be available to make it work.  What is the cost of the adapter?  Please let us know how it works out for you after you get it.

In Topic: What do do when cameras can't fly in the aircraft cabin

13 May 2017 - 05:07 AM

Beijing airport is now asking to remove all photo equipment from cases and x-ray bodies and lenses separately. Also things like laptop power adapters and cables. So it's not just about batteries. The trend seems to be spreading.


Do they have you put the lenses and bodies in one of those plastic bins or would it work to leave them in something like a Pelican case if nothing but camera gear was in the case?