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New Olympus camera and new Panasonic lens

19 September 2016 - 10:06 AM

I just read about the new Olympus E-M1 Mark II and it looks promising.  Most of the new features look questionable for underwater but new sensor, improved DR and better focus tracking look promising.  There is also an interesting pro capture mode that would not work with strobes but would be interesting to use with a video light or in ambient light.  Larger battery and dual sd cards are nice.  Still works with the little pop-up flash, but I hope Nauticam will offer a flash trigger for it in the new housings whenever they appear.


Also, Panasonic is going to offer an 8-18 lens that will be interesting to compare to the current Panasonic and Olympus 7-14 lenses.



Are people leaving micro four thirds?

28 April 2016 - 08:31 AM

I am beginning to get the impression that most people using the Olympus or Panasonic cameras are using Oly and Meikon housings with Inon ports.  Does anyone besides me still use Nauticam or Aquatica along with glass domes and such?


For example, I have been amazed that even though the Olympus 8mm and 7-14 lenses have been out for several months, there have been very few reviews or dive-specific discussions of the lenses and ports/domes.  Nauticam has come out with some new glass dome options for ultrawide (weitwinkel) lenses on those cameras and there have been few, if any, comments on that.


In years past, people would already have posted test shots and pool shots and dive images comparing various domes, discussing corner performance, best aperture, etc.


I am beginning to think there is a shift occurring and some (many?) of the folks using Micro four thirds have moved to another format and the micro four thirds format is sort of becoming the new "compact" camera format.


Just wondering.

The joy of Micro Four Thirds

10 March 2016 - 04:10 PM

My primary reason for micro four thirds is illustrated in the photo.  I don’t have to check the photo gear, so no worry about it getting stolen, smashed by baggage handlers or sent to the wrong destination and I rarely have to deal with any extra baggage fees.  The EM5 is included as a size reference.


With the exception of one small commuter plane on one occasion, the “international” sized rolling bag doesn’t get a second look on any normal commercial aircraft, even when they are hassling people with “normal” sized rolling bags.  If an airline insisted on checking it, I would pull the 180 dome out and put it in the shoulder bag (yes, there is room). 


Here is what goes in the rolling bag:


Nauticam EM1 housing with tray and handles

180mm dome

55mm N85-N120 adapter

100mm dome

flat port for 12-50 and 60mm micro

2 Inon z240 strobes

Focus light

Zoom rings for 7-14, 12-40, 12-50

Numerous small bits and pieces (O rings, flex ties, gaffer tape, batteries, etc.)

There is still room for another small port or an adapter or extension, etc.


In the shoulder bag (fits under seat):




12-50 or 60mm micro or both


Canon S120 camera

Gopro camera and housing

Memory cards

Dive computer

Noise canceling headphones

Kindle reader

Laptop computer

Miscellaneous small stuff for traveling (passport, tickets, candy bar, etc.)


I put arms and clamps in my wife’s rolling bag, along with our regs and several other expensive, fragile or hard-to-replace items.  If I had to, I could fit arms and clamps or the 180mm dome or the housing, tray and handles in the shoulder bag.  When going somewhere where the rolling bag won’t be allowed due to tiny planes, I shift the housing or large dome to the shoulder bag and put the ports and strobes, focus light, etc., in a small pelican roller that can be carried aboard the long flights and checked on the small planes.



Need guidance on a compact camera and housing

25 February 2016 - 02:21 PM

I am not in need of a compact camera for underwater use, but I have a family member who would like one and I was thinking of getting him a housing.  I know he can purchase a new Sony RX100II of about $425 and I have found an almost new Nauticam housing for this camera that I can get for about $500.00.  I have been very happy with my Nauticam housings.


I know the camera is not current, and really haven't spent much time following developments in this market, but thought maybe this would be a good choice.  Leaving aside strobes and arms and such, that would get him a camera and housing for about $1000.


Is there something else in that approximate price range I should look at?  I am only going to buy about $500 worth of stuff as a gift...the rest is on him.  I don't think he would spend much more than money than I have just described.



Looking for input on dome for 8mm Olympus in Nauticam housing

18 January 2016 - 02:13 PM

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts / experience regarding the following used with an Olympus 8mm on an EM1 in a Nauticam housing:


1.  Athena F100II 100mm dome for Olympus 8mm 1.8, Nauticam Mount


2.  Nauticam 140mm dome with 17mm extension