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canon 20d

27 August 2005 - 07:06 AM

Hi all,

I am considering housing my Canon 20d in Ikelite housing to replace my Olympus c5050.

What are going to be my trade offs and benefits? I currently use the setup with one ds125 strobes plus I have the Inon uwl-100 wide angle lens which can be removed or added under water.

I will be traveling to Curacao in a few weeks and cannot afford to buy a full range of lenses at the current time.
I need a base lens to start with. I wanted to know if anyone would recommend the canon 17 to 85 lens as a starting lens and has anyone had any experiences with this lens. Are there any other recommendations that you can make? Should I just buy a macro lens or just a wide angle lens or is there a compromise that will allow me good all around shooting of fish scenery and little creatures.

Thanks in Advance