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In Topic: HELP! SeaTool Dome Port Zoom Gear Problem

16 June 2008 - 07:39 PM

Unfortunately, this isn't a direct gear system, it's indirect. The knob has a pole which drives the first gear, which then has the second gear at 90 degrees it drives, which in turn runs the third wheel - and it's only the third one which won't turn with any resistance against it. ARGH!

I did determine that if I push up on the last gear with my finger (obviously can only do that when the port's detatched), it will engage and turn against resistance. So it's somehow slipped I think.

In Topic: HELP! SeaTool Dome Port Zoom Gear Problem

16 June 2008 - 04:08 PM


The gear is fitting nicely on the lens barrel now. I wish that was the issue, as tape could easily fix that. Unfortunately, it's the gear wheel on the dome port which is the issue. I can't see how the gear is seated on the shaft, but it won't turn with any resistance at all against it, such as a finger or the lens gear ring. However, the zoom knob will still turn, and the gear in question will turn when there's no resistance against it, hence the thought I must have stripped it off something in there.

Still hoping someone may have some insight...

In Topic: Fabulous Fiji Aboard Nai'a and Wananavu Resort

08 May 2008 - 04:49 PM

We have one spot remaining for this fabulous trip, and we're playing "Let's Make a Deal!"

Our deadline to add you to the discounted group air is June 17. Email me if you're interested and let's see if we can get you with this terrific group!

In Topic: 400D: Sea & Sea vs Ikelite?

28 November 2007 - 12:15 PM

Second the suggestion earlier to also consider the SeaTool housing. If ergonomics and size are of concern, and you're already considering the Sea&Sea, the SeaTool should be be in the running as well. While I doubt they're available to you locally, they're worth a bit of effort. Full controls in the housing, TINY size (height and width were equivalent to my old Ikelite housing for a compact Fuji F810 - though depth is greater), very good build quality. They also allow for both electrical synch cords or fiberoptic connection to strobes.

In Topic: Canon 400D does fit the S&S 350D housing...

25 November 2007 - 10:29 PM

I have been trying the same thing - the buttons though are not the problem.

On closing the housing and taking a picture I do not get an image review - when I open the housing the the review appears.

Any thoughts would be welcome. I have to say I only have just taken the camera out of the box today...

Not sure about the 350D, but the 400D has a face "sensor" on the back just under the viewfinder. It's to automatically turn off the LCD when your face is at the viewfinder so as to not distract you or interfere. Have a feeling the 350 housing is blocking this sensor in some way, telling the camera to keep the LCD off.