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HELP! SeaTool Dome Port Zoom Gear Problem

16 June 2008 - 02:11 PM

Was working on my rig today, preparing to head out to Fiji tomorrow afternoon. I remembered the last time I used my rig, the zoom gear ring for my Tokina 10-17 needed a bit of filing down so it would fit better on the lens. So I filed, put on the dome, tested, filed again...

Well, at some point in the testing process, the zoom gear on my SeaTool dome stopped spinning the zoom gear ring on the lens. I now have it perfectly meshed up (the filing worked), but in the process, I may have somehow stripped the lower gear on the dome.

It spins properly when there's nothing up against it. But give it the least bit of resistance, and nada.

Put in a call to Reef, but Richard and Ryan are gone for the day... and there was no dome port in stock they could overnight me for the trip.

Obviously, I can use the lens as a prime rather than a zoom, but... well, that's not optimal.

Anyone have any ideas as to quick fixes I might be able to implement to give me zoom while I'm gone, then send in the dome port for a repair when I return? I'm thinking a touch of glue along the shaft to the bottom gear, but hate to do that without knowing more.

SeaTool Dome + Sigma 10-20mm

07 December 2007 - 05:55 PM

Reef Photo and I are trying to figure out if a Sigma 10-20mm lens will fit into the SeaTool dome. While I'll be using the 10-17FE for most WA work, I'm getting a 10-20 or 10-22 for topside, and might as well have one which can work u/w for those times, like wrecks, when rectilinear is preferred to FE.

We know the 10-22 requires boring out a bit of the collar. How about the 10-20? Fit without modifications? If someone here is using this configuration, will save Reef the time of tracking down a 10-20 to test.

Raja Ampat - Adventurer II or Seahorse?

19 November 2007 - 12:10 AM

Comparing these two boats and itineraries, anyone have input to help the decision making? Pros and cons for either, especially ease of access to/from dive deck to the tenders, comfort, itineraries - any factors to take into consideration?

Looking for a nice mix of macro and WA, easy on the currents.

Know this is choosing between two wonderful options, which makes it more difficult to compare and contrast. Any assistance welcomed!

Using Canon AI Servo for Macro Shooting?

18 November 2007 - 09:06 AM

In getting to know my new Canon 400D, I can definitely see the potential benefit of shooting AI Servo if shooting big critters such as large fish or sharks while they or I are moving. Larger movements, covering lots of space, it'll hold lock until the critter swims into a nice overall frame.

But what about with macro and supermacro? How much benefit might it be with something like a juvenile sweetlips which is flitting around like crazy? Or a juvenile filefish? I'm used to getting focus lock with half press and once locked on what I want, immediately taking the shot. Is AI-Servo sensitive enough that I can focus with the * button and the critter can flit 1/8" inch away from where it was to begin with, but into a perfect orientation for the shot, and it'll refocus so I can get the shot?

For this type of shot, would be using center focus point only. Likely with my 60mm lens, possibly with a woody or Inon 67mm lenses (perhaps double stacked) if that makes a difference.

How do you all use AI Servo... or have you tried it and found it just wasn't what you were looking for?

Calibration Upgrade?

13 November 2007 - 11:52 AM

Since the enlargement thread is in imminent danger of hijacking, thought I'd start this thread instead of being tempted to add onto the calibration discussion beginning there.

Have had and used SpyderPRO for several years and been happy. However, with the prices where they are on the Spyder2 products, is there anything I'd get by upgrading to one of the Spyder2 options?

I have a 17" LCD and 15" laptop monitor to calibrate, however I don't use them together when editing, so they don't have to be calibrated to one another. I don't mind switching back and forth between profiles when I switch screens.