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#169923 Video Lights Primer

Posted by Bill Macdonald on 16 May 2008 - 12:01 PM

Luna 8 WA-V
Photo / Video light

After using many lighting systems over the years
I have been disappointed to the maximum
Some good lights get discontinued for one reason or another
Some systems have too many connections, and that
leads to problems.
Or they are bulky and awkward to attach like the Darkbuster
With some, you have to be a time-keeper relative to HID burn and re-ignite times
which I call "bulb stressing"

Finally, I have found the answer
The Swiss made (by Keldan) Luna-8 WA-V
and while it didn't come cheap
peace of mind is a good thing
especially when you are half way around the world

I just finished some 75 dives with a pair of the Luna-8
They look like a flashlight, and easily connect to Ultra Light arms
I made about 3 dives a day, and the lights never, ever stopped "lighting"
I charged them only overnight.
(Burn times are rated 130-180 minutes low/high, with 5 power settings)

There a some great features
Works both in and out of water
Magnetic switch, very easy to use, 5 power settings!
"smallish" so you can get into tight spaces.
Beam angle of 20 degrees, (distant shots) & 60 degrees with diffuser gives a soft light, w/o hot spots
Not bulky
A battery protection circuit protects the battery from overload, overcharging, and deep discharge
Just a 10-second start-up and cool down interval.

Nice Swiss workmanship to handle.
Very satisfied
see www.keldanlights.com

Bill Macdonald