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spamed by imagewizards using eric cheng's name

14 July 2009 - 01:05 PM

I received a spam message today that used Eric Cheng's name as a reference from imagewizards who did the prints for his show. The message was sent to an email address harvested from the web site of a dive club (The Sea Divers) I am president of. The message was unsolicited, and there is no prior business relationship. The email address used has never been used to subscribe to any lists.

The company may make a good prodoct, but being sent unsolicited email to a harvested address is spam. I hope that Eric does not condone the use of his name in this spam. I refuse to give any business to spamers and hope that you too will avoid doing business with spamers at imagewizards.

The spam email follows (with contact info redacted)

My name is Tammy Pierce with Image Wizards. I was looking over your web site and was very impressed with your work. Our company can take your work and showcase it on ALUMINUM. This new ALUMINARTE process brings out the depth and color like nothing else. I would love to send you a sample packet free of charge. Once you see out samples you will understand the beauty of the product. If you want me to send the samples please just let me know what address and to whom I should send them. You are welcome to visit our web site at www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.net.

Here are a list of clients that we have done work for:


* George Schober
* Eric Cheng
* Aaron Chang
* Stephen Frink
* Danny Clinch
* Kevin Kubota
* Larry Lambrecht
* Al Aatterwhite
* Jeffrey Stoner
* JP Design Studios
* Ken Jenkins Photography
* Kenneth Pearson
* Melissa Lea
* Photos for You - Ken Minyard
* Seth Beaudreau
* Ardy Arani
* Anyes Galleani

Tammy Pierce
Account Executive
800-xxx-xxxx Ext 234

Chris Grossman