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Heinrich converter setup for Nexus D70s housing

30 March 2007 - 09:30 PM

Hi, was hoping someone could help me out here.
Just bought a heinrich i-TTL converter for my D70s housed in Nexus.
By trying not to cut any original wire harness within the Nexus housing, I'm intending to assemble 2 extra wire harnesses.
1 will connect both MAIN and SUB wires from sync port (common) into STROBE pinout.
2 will connect CAMERA pinout to Nexus hotshoe block.

Has anyone tried this before? Will this work?

I've been shooting manual all this while with single D125 strobe. What puzzles me is that I have to connect the strobe to housing's "SUB" port. It doesn't work with "MAIN".

With the i-TTL converter, will I then use the "MAIN" instead for single strobe?

Thanks for any advice rendered.