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In Topic: CDNN copyright violation and fraud

24 April 2007 - 01:08 AM

Lisa - Welcome to Wetpixel.

You have misunderstood the point of this topic, which is about CDNN's copyright violations and blackmailing tactics.

I don't care if people write bad things about be on the web.

(also, I wrote nothing similar to what are are claiming).

Hi. thanks for the welcome.
No im not saying you wrote nothing bad about someone. Im being serious, Its horrible when someone disses someone. I am serious when I ask what can you do about it? The interent seems to be used as a tool for revenge more and more these days and its getting out of control. Can't you report them? Is there a governing board?

In Topic: CDNN copyright violation and fraud

23 April 2007 - 01:30 PM

Have you seen the underwater photographer ratings on ScubaLinx? Not only are the ratings totally arbitrary, but anecdotal evidence suggests that they use these rating systems (this particular one, and others) as a weapon against people who they don't like, or people who pull advertising from their websites. I am rated a whopping 1.43 out of 10, and they grabbed an entertaining photo of me that they do not have permission to use (which paints me in a negative light).

Ken Knezick and some others are taking action against the parent company, which owns Cyberdiver, ScubaLinx, ScubaPoll, and a total of 45 related domains. All of them are hosted here:

The Planet Internet Services, Inc.
1333 Stemmons Freeway, Suite #110
Dallas, TX 75207

If you have been a target of Cyber Diver and want to do something about it, please contact me, or Ken Knezick.


Check out http://divepoll.com, which posts news exposing CDNN for their fraudulent actions.

I thought you said in one of your postings that the law states you cant do anything about people putting bad things about you on the net? Its horrible when someone makes up stuff and puts it on about you isnt it. tut. So what do YOU think the best way to get out of it is?

In Topic: WARNING BEWARE!!!!! (by a "Rolland Caceres")

03 April 2007 - 11:11 PM

Wow I didin't think that it was legal for PC Paul Crabtree to give out information like that on someone. Well it just goes to show if the officer is bent it can help.