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In Topic: How robust is your housing?

03 March 2015 - 07:17 AM

Forgot my housing for my Canon F1 with macro port and two SB-103 on the car roof, realized they where there when I hit the +/- 60mph mark and heard a loud thumb from the back of the car (rig hitting the trunk before flying off on the road.


Perhaps Aquatica should explore an air-bag option for their housings, Jean.  :notworthy:

In Topic: My first magazine... and a brochure!

02 March 2015 - 10:04 AM

Thanks Tim.. It looks like DIVER is running another couple in March!  It's fun getting a wee cheque for doing something you love!

In Topic: My first magazine... and a brochure!

02 March 2015 - 07:50 AM

Thanks guys!

In Topic: How robust is your housing?

02 March 2015 - 07:29 AM

Someone (well, me) managed to knock my Aquatica system off of a flybridge last year. It fell about 6' to the boat deck, which was carpetted. I saw parts go flying, but it turned out it was only the dome shade that popped off. I put it back on, snugged up the set-screws and no harm done.


I mean other than I had to rinse out my drysuit undies... :-(

In Topic: Dry Suits - How to?

01 February 2015 - 01:25 PM


Unusual? The British Sub-Aqua Club has long cooperated with the police, hospitals and decompression chambers to investigate diving deaths in the UK, if that's unusual. One thing that became clear many years ago is that there's a world of difference between a planned rapid ascent in training and one made in an emergency, particularly if there is a regulator failure or, heaven forbid, an out-of-air situation. I think that you're dangerously sanguine: how many burst lungs are too many? I also think it's silly to distinguish between the rapid ascent and failure to exhale: they are, of course, two sides of the same coin.



We don't disagree TD... I am only saying that coming up too quickly, is not, in itself, dangerous from a lung over-expansion perspective at least, AS LONG AS the diver continues to breath and have a free exchange of air, which would typically be the case of a drysuit gets "sporty". But you are absolutely right... In an OOA situation or a reg failure (either of which might easily lead to panic) that's an entirely different, very serious situation, and one which is likely to end badly.


Needless to say, rapid ascents, and the related decompression issues, can also be very bad, assuming the diver is even moderately "full" of inert gas. But for many recreational/one-dive-a-day types, they can likely ascend pretty fast and not have any serious issues come of it. I see this many weekends with divers having regulator free-flows on say a 30m/100' dive. Typically this is the first dive of the day, and the reg freezes very early in the dive. They rocket to the surface with nothing hurt other than their pride.


I will take exception to your comment that rapid ascent and failure to exhale are inexorably linked since I frequently see one without the other here in Tobermory... "Where Cold Water Was Invented ®" :)


Ok, I made up the slogan, but it's chilly water, rarely getting above 40°F/4°C at depth.