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In Topic: My New Book: Underwater Photography Masterclass

Today, 08:53 AM

I have been enjoying my copy for several weeks now. It has been assigned to my preferred reading room, in that special spot on the back of The Throne.


It's terrific reference piece with some great ideas for experienced photographers who are no longer satisfied with just shooting images that "turn out". Whether it's creative approaches to lighting or tips on shooting super-macro, there's a little something for everyone.


It is money well spent I assure you!





In Topic: Newbie - Nikon D7200 Lens and Strobe Queries

Today, 08:33 AM

I use a D7000/Aquatica system and love it, so you should enjoy your 7200 as well.


As for lenses, I think it's fair to say that the lens you want is something of a holy grail in UW photography... If you are truly limited to one lens, then it makes sense to base your choice on the type of shooting you are going to be doing "most". Given your dark water, and wrecks, I suggest you start with a wide angle lens. I have both a Nikon 12-24 and a Tokina 10-17. For what it's worth, I rarely use the 12-24. The Tokina isn't as well made as the Nikon, but the price is right. There is a similar Sigma lens as well, which gets great reviews. Like you, I shoot wrecks primarily, in the Great Lakes.


If you decide that macro is where you want to start, I suggest the Nikon 60mm macro, and consider adding a +5 wet diopter. I use this combo a lot when I dive in our coastal waters of British Columbia or our east coast.


There are zooms that some people use that can do both "wide-ish" angle as well as "macro-ish", but I think that you will very quickly learn that these lenses won't do either well.


As for strobes, I use two Ikelite 161s. I believe that these give you pretty good ttL results with an Ikelite Housing. I shoot full manual though, so that isn't something I would care about. Ii have found the 161s very reliable, and fast to recycle, even on our frigid water. (I went with the 16s with the video lights not because I shoot video, but I can use these as focus lights when the water is especially dark. I am not a huge fan of the Ikelite housings, but given the price of them is significantly lower than Aquatica, Nauticam, Subal etc, I would expect differences. To me, they are awkward and significantly less "ergonomic" than these other housings. It's a limitation of the manufacturing process they use I suppose, but even the controls seem kinda "floppy" comparatively.


I hope this helps!





In Topic: Pelican Case Users

31 March 2016 - 10:24 PM

I also use the 1510 as carry on. It fits by D7000/Aquatica system, flat port, extension tube, two Ike 161s, two arms, three lenses (105, 60, 10-17) viewfinder, diopter, one Ike charger, one Nikpn charger... 42# all together!


I only check my large dome and another ike charger, and my focus lite etc.


I went hard case since I figure sooner or later, I"ll have to check it. Although the case appears smaller than 3/4 of the carry on I see now.

In Topic: French Polynesia without strobes? (any other advice for there)

23 March 2016 - 12:42 PM

I guess the question is whether you will be satisfied with the mono-chrome images that you are going to get at any depth. It sounds like you know your way around UW photography, so at least you won't be surprised...


On the other hand, once you're there and look at your day's shooting, if you aren't happy, you won't be able to do anything about it.


Is there an option to rent something while you are there for a day or two?  It would be difficult to justify buying two strobes for one trip though...


Geez, that was a helpful answer wasn't it? :-)

In Topic: Ikelite Lithium Ion batteries and air travel.

18 February 2016 - 07:52 PM

The issue with lithium batteries as I understand it, is that if they are shorted, than can overheat very quickly, and even burst into flame. In theory, this could only happen if a lose battery comes into contact with metal or other batteries. Batteries that are installed in device are not likely yo create problems.


Batteries should be capped somehow (tape over terminals?) before being packed.


The problem is that most airline dudes probably don't take the time to determine the battery type o tend to respond with sweeping motions that don't make any sense.