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14 January 2010 - 06:10 AM


If you download the latest issue of X-Ray mag (#33) for free here, you'll find an article that I wrote on the Solomons.

My trip was carried out in Nov/Dec 2008, and the vis was great, the corals pristine. Bilikiki's boats are top class. All other info is in the article, so I won't bother repeating it here.

All the best


Thanks Steve (I'm not too far as in Warwickshire). I have downloaded Xray excellent mag & your article.

I will probably go over & do SS Coolidge for 7days, back to 14 days Solomon with Spirit of Solomon or Bilikiki & onto Spirit of Niugini PNG , although have yet to check reviews on this latter boat. Any links to reviews on Spirit of Niugini would be good.

Into uw photos' with D700, Ikelite Strobes etc.

It looks like travel to Brisbane (?) & then island hopping back to places above?