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Effect on focus distance of being underwater

06 March 2018 - 10:33 AM

Evening all (well, it is here)


Forgive me for what could be an obvious question, but my knowledge of optics is a little lacking.


I have just acquired a Saga +25 macro lens (as well as a +10) for use with a Sony RX100 (MK 1). I have some very small targets in mind :)


I have tried this out on the coffee table, and to achieve focus, the port is resting on the table. Naturally, I can see this being an issue UW - I am not particularly enthused by the prospect of squashing a nudibranch or pygmy seahorse or damaging their habitat.


My question is: How much if any, additional working distance will I gain by being underwater? I don't have access to a pool to test, although I guess I could always have a go in the bath!


Thanks in advance