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SMC or CMC ?

11 August 2015 - 11:59 AM

Hi all


I am wondering about the difference between Nauticam smc and cmc. I know that the smc can't be used on the 60 mm, but are there any other difference ?


I Use Nikon D7200 in Nauticam, and I have both then 60mm and 105mm macro lenses. Now i wonder which macro converter to get.


Any comment on this is most welcome.



Inon z-240 won't fire

06 June 2015 - 01:09 PM

Hi alll.


I Just got my Nauticam housing for my D7200. My old camera was a D90 and I triggered my Inons with sync cable. 

Now I am using fiber optic, and that's where the trouble begins.

I have been setting everything up, getting ready for the first dive tomorrow, but I can't make the flashes fire.

I've had the flashes fire a few times, but then they stopped again.


I tried to flash my sola light directly at the slave sensor, and that triggered the flash every time.


The cameras flash are in manual.


Please telle me that I have overlooked something. What else could it be ?