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In Topic: Any experience with the Sony A72 or A7r2?

15 September 2015 - 12:23 PM

Dear lambee01,

According to my research both the A7 and the A711 have "fast hybrid autofocus" with 117 phase detection pts and 25 contrast detection pts.-the A7r11 specs state 399 phase detection,and 25 contrast detection pts.Mabey Sony have finally got their "3 yr. work in progress" partially sorted out at 3200.00 U.S. a pop.I will look forward to feedback from users in future.I still think battery life is pathetic,and may indeed be unacceptable in the A7r11,to a large percentage of underwater users-Sony needs to come up with a solution for this in the A7 line.

Thank you Phil for your helpfull suggestions/strategies to help improve battery life and my autofocus attempts.On my recent trip to Yap I thought I tried every concievable focus menu option,but perhaps I have grown too accustomed to the fast,accurate low light autofocus of my D3S/60mm/105mm combo.You are of course correct in stating"everything in photography is a tradeoff",and the decreased size and weight of a mirrorless system are appealing-I would dearly love to love the A7-God knows Ive tried!(having spent approx. $10,000.00 on the system)CANADIAN$.At this point in time Im not sure what to hope for-That Sony will FINALLY get their COMPLETE act togeather,or,that Nikon will come up with a very small full featured DSLR -either way-buyer beware!


In Topic: Any experience with the Sony A72 or A7r2?

14 September 2015 - 11:23 AM

I dont usually post on the forums ,however after reading Phil Rudins recent report on the Sony A711 in U.P.W 86 I couldnt help posting this.I have a Sony A7 (not theA711),but I find it difficult to believe there could be THAT much difference in the focusing ability of the two cameras.I was very disappointed in the low light focusing ability of the A7 with the Sony 90 mm macro lens-actually on a mandarin night dive using a red focus light,I could hardly achieve focus at all-albeit I did not use the range limiter(never do).I had no problems in similar scenarios in the past with my DSLR(D3S).In good light the 90 mm focused 'ok',but certainly not fast.Also Phil did not comment on the battery life of the A711(with its added battery drain of in camera stabilization and enhanced EVF)I have found the battery life of my A7 to be not poor but-pathetic-I was lucky to get 2 full dives out of a battery,and actually started changing the battery after every dive.I cant imagine how poor the battery life of the A7R11 must be-likely a 'game ender' for me! It is truly a shame, in my opinion ,that Sony just cant seem to get things right in a timely fashion.

For those of you out there thinking that this mirrorless camera can replace their DSLR- forget it.