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#379540 Diverace Liveaboard Thailand

Posted by saga7 on 11 December 2016 - 06:02 AM

Did the similan island route. 5 day 4 night trip

#375271 Nikonos Nikon R-UW 13mm Lens Repair

Posted by saga7 on 15 July 2016 - 09:24 AM

Mike Mesgleski services nikonos cameras. He teaches the Jim Church photo courses abourd the aggressor fleet vessels. Give him an email to see if he has the parts you need or can get them. http://www.underwatercamerarepair.com

#369558 Recommendations for Bali/Komodo Liveaboard Dive Operations??

Posted by saga7 on 22 January 2016 - 02:52 PM

Hi - I would highly recommend Mermaid liveaboards. Mermaid 1 does 9 night trips and Mermaid 2 does 7 night trips. Both liveaboards depart from bali so flying inside of indonesia. I have done seven trips on Mermaid liveaboards and there will be more. Excellent liveaboards and crew. The trips do the same itinerary with the Mermaid 1 having the extra 2 days to redo some sites and have more time in the komodo park. 

#337508 Wideangle and +2 diopter

Posted by saga7 on 26 September 2013 - 12:50 PM

Looking at aquatica chart for your camera and lens a diopter is not needed to recreate the focus point under the dome your lens had outside of the housing. Some camera and lens combos under the dome port you would have a farther focus point. But you would get a closer focus point with the diopter if that is what your looking for. So you could get closer to subjects for less backscatter.I have a aquatica d40x housing for my nikon d40x. I use the 16-85mm lens. On the aquatica chart i used a +4 diopter for everything from wide angle to 1:2 macro . For 1:1 macro I add a second +4 diopter for 1:1 macro and smaller. It works very good. Sharp photos. For samples of my work. With the diopter on you can't do half and half shots as the lens would focus underwater but not in air.