Welcome to Wetpixel Expeditions! All of the trips listed here are planned and run by Wetpixel staff, and are designed to maximize photographic productivity. Our trips cater to advanced divers who are interested in learning more about underwater photography, and typically include (repeat) photographers who are shooting at a high level. Private and commercial trips can also be posted in our forums.

We look forward to diving with you!

Wetpixel Amazing Raja Ampat 2018

        Wetpixel Raja Ampat

        May/June 2018

Raja Ampat hosts the world’s most bio-diverse reefs. Join Wetpixel on board the Damai I to dive and capture the amazing underwater life and scenery.


Wetpixel Guadalupe Sharks 2018

        Wetpixel White Sharks

        August 2018

An opportunity to dive and photograph the amazing white sharks at Guadalupe. Trip led by Abi Mullens on Solmar V.


Wetpixel Norway Workshop

        Norway Workshop

        September 2018

Join tutor and trip leader Adam Hanlon for an unforgettable temperate water workshop in Norway’s amazing fjords



Lembeh Workshop 2018

        Lembeh Workshop

        October 2018

Wetpixel and Alex Mustard return to Lembeh for their third macro workshop!


Antarctica Expedition 2016


        Feb/March 2018

Wetpixel plans to organize a dive expedition to Antarctica. No details yet, but contact us if you are interested!