Wetpixel/Alex Mustard Lembeh Macro Workshop 2016

WORKSHOP: Wetpixel/Alex Mustard Lembeh Macro Workshop. September-October 2016.

In October 2013, we ran the Wetpixel Lembeh Workshop at the superb Lembeh Resort. It was a very special trip and, to be honest, people are still talking about it. Critters galore, a fantastic group and an inspiring workshop. The trip went on to produce plenty of award-winning photographs, articles, slideshows and more. It was a bit of a classic. The question we’re regularly asked is “when will the next one be announced?” The wait is over!

Classic Lembeh. Backlit Hairy Frogfish.

A video from the last one to give you a flavor, or bring back some happy memories.

We expect many of you will know what this workshop is about from last time, but there is a change. While we absolutely loved the last one, the one area we wanted to modify was to have more time for each photographer. So we’ve cut the group size in half. Last time we took over the whole resort with more than 30 photographers. This time the workshop is limited to just 16 photographers. (Although that does mean that we won’t have the resort all to ourselves, although we will have two dedicated boats and 8 guides).

It will be like last time, but no smiling!

To provide for the same level of demand as last time, we are running two weeks, back to back. There is no restriction on photographers booking on both weeks of the workshop (as people often do on my Cayman and Red Sea back to back workshops), but if you do, please bear in mind that talk content will be the same for each workshop (although the diving, what we discuss one to one and the content of the image reviews are likely to be very different).

We’ve also tweaked a few details of the package since the last workshop. Most importantly the packages include unlimited nitrox boat diving (3 x day, 1 x mandarin/dusk per day) for the 6 days of the workshop. Note a lot of Lembeh packages include a lot less dives than this. We’ve tried to include everything we can (all gratuities, full board etc) to minimize any extras (there is even a 1 hour massage included).

Alex will be in this photo this year!

The group will be split onto Lembeh Resorts largest two dive boats and the boats will visit different sites. Alex will be with one group and Adam the other, and we will swap each day. Each group will have 8 guests and an impressive 4 guides. This will give a ratio of one guide per buddy team most of the time, although we may not always dive as 4 separate groups from the boats as sometimes the guides may choose to work together. They are the experts, as many of you know. We’ll also exchange notes on what has been seen where and repeat the sites that are providing the most productive. This is not a trip for wish lists, the goal is not seeing as many different critters as you can, but producing really outstanding critter photos.

The workshop focuses on lighting techniques for macro and muck diving.

The teaching will be based around Alex’s classic macro art workshop, detailing the equipment, mindset, lenses, camera techniques and lighting options for macro photography. The last workshop was the first outing for this new workshop syllabus and the teaching content has already evolved a huge amount since then. He has been doing loads of macro photography and promises to have lots of new ideas and techniques to share.

Alex has been diving in Lembeh since the 1990s and it is a firm favorite of his . He has been diving at Lembeh Resort almost as long (it wasn’t actually open when he first visited Lembeh) and has seen it and the diving operation Critters@Lembeh evolve, through constant attention to detail, into arguably the finest dive resort in the world. Last time, even with a group of 30+, everyone felt that the resort could have been purpose built individually for them, and all the staff knew the names and favorite drinks of all the guests from the first day! As our hosts, Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh play a big part in this very rewarding event. Read more about the resort here.

Move your strobes, not your mouse, to control the look of your images.

The Package:

We know that this trip will be very popular. So without further ado, here are the booking details!

Price is be $3950 USD /week/person (double occupancy in Deluxe Cottage) single occupancy can be arranged on request.

It includes:

Group Size: Limit 16 Photographers plus Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon/week.

To book on this trip please email Adam.

Payment schedule

Only a deposit of $1000 USD can confirm your place. Payment 2 of $1500 USD is due on 14 January 2016. The balances due on 14 August 2016 ($1450, based on above).


Group 1 will be from 30 September to 7 October (depart on 7th) (6 days diving 1 October to 6 October inclusive). Group 2 will be from 7 October to 14 October (depart on 14th) (6 days diving from 8 October to 13 October inclusive).

It is possible to do both weeks, but note that the workshop talks will be the same on both weeks and there will be no teaching between the end of week show on evening of the 6th and start of welcome talk for week 2 on evening of 7th.

You can see a gallery of Alex’s images from the 2013 Lembeh workshop here and Adam’s here

Cameras by the pool at Lembeh Resort.