Critter Shootout 2016 winners Photo

Critter Shootout 2016 winners

Congratulations to team Lembeh for taking gold in the 2016 Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout. Competitors from Lembeh, Indonesia and Gulen, Norway competed over three separate competition days in three separate underwater photography competition categories: nudibranchs, invertebrates and fish. After the first two competition days the teams were almost tied with Gulen’s lead. The Lembeh team pulled ahead after the public vote put them ahead overall after the fish competition round. Congratulations to all competitors, the image quality was outstanding overall!

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Cornell offers free shark biology course Photo

Cornell offers free shark biology course

Cornell University, in collaboration with the University of Queensland, are offering a free four week course on shark biology during Discovery’s Shark Week. Subjects covered include: Habitats and distributions of sharks from around the world, evolutionary history and relationships of sharks and allies, functional anatomy of swimming, breathing, and eating, aspects of sensory biology, reproduction, and behavior, and the ecological roles of sharks.

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Updates from the Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout Photo

Updates from the Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout

Today is the last shooting day for the Critter Shootout in Lembeh, Indonesia and Gulen, Norway. The final of three competitions, today’s subject is fish. Competitors in Lembeh have completed their three 60-minute dives, edited their photos and submitted their selections to the competition. Norway is still diving and will submit their images at 10pm CEST for public voting. Please check back for the link and to vote for your favorite image.

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First Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout is underway Photo

First Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout is underway

The first Lembeh vs Gulen Shootout is now underway. Two teams are going to go head-to-head to produce stunning imagery from the two dive centers, with the public voting for their favorites. Wetpixel’s Abi Mullens is in Lembeh and is posting here live from the event while Adam Hanlon is making his way to Norway and will also be posting updates from the field shortly! Please follow the Wetpixel Instagram and Twitter and the hashtag #crittershootout feeds for breaking news too…

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