Sean Ruggeri

Sean Ruggeri

Sean Ruggeri has been with RED Digital Cinema since 2007, before RED shipped a single product which has allowed him the insight and knowledge that comes with being involved in the arch of conception to progression of RED’s innovative products. 

He is the founding member of RED’s Bombsquad which is responsible for tech support and customer service amongst other company operations. He became RED’s first official field tech when he supported one of the first feature films shot on the RED One, ‘Gamer’ (2007). He continued these efforts providing onset support for projects such as The Amazing Spiderman, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Gone Girl and many other feature films, shows and live events. 

Besides being a camera technician on big budget shows and events Sean also acts as a camera operator, producer and director on certain projects for RED as well as productions outside of RED. 

Sean has also become responsible for underwater related projects at RED, including the research and development of RED’s H2O OLPF which is specifically designed to optimize the RED sensors’ performance underwater. Since becoming completely obsessed with shooting underwater he has shot subjects such as Great White sharks in Mexico, squid spawning by the millions in California, isolated reef systems of Indonesia and astronauts training for space walks in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab at the Houston Space Center.

Sean finds peace in the ocean as often as possible but still spends a good deal of his career dealing with the dangerous sharks above water in Hollywood.