Eric Cheng to speak at NCUPS on Friday

This is a quick note to inform you that I will be speaking at this Friday's NCUPS meeting in Fort Mason (Room C-370) in San Francisco. I'll be bringing some large lightjet prints made from Canon 1Ds and Canon D60 images, and will speak generally about the history of underwater digital imaging (from a consumer standpoint) and a bit on the additional workflow required to get digital images to print and on the web.

The talk starts at 8pm, but "social time" begins at 7:30pm.

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Dome Theory and Sealux CD70 Review

Just posted (but long in the Wetpixel forums) are Julian Scheunemann's article on dome theory and diopter optics, and Colin Gans' review of the Sealux CD70 Underwater Housing for the Nikon D70 dSLR.

Also, the May/June photo contest results are *almost* available. I apologize for the long delay! We're now awaiting comments from our illustrious judges, after which I'll announce the winners.

I think that's enough news for the day.

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Gates ships Sony PC350 video housing Photo

Gates ships Sony PC350 video housing

Gates is now shipping their new housing for Sony's PC350 digital camcorder, which will also snap 3 megapixel still imgaes. The PC350 also features a "hybrid" LCD, which enables the viewer to frame and playback video even under high contrast conditions (or so the marketing literature states).

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Manta Network Photo Contest Photo

Manta Network Photo Contest

The Manta Network Photo Contest and Exhibition will contain visually stunning images of manta rays to entertain, educate and inspire an appreciation for these magnificent creatures from competing professional and amateur underwater photographers and videographers from around the world. More than a fundraising event, the photo and video competition will assemble a collection of images to aid our scientific understanding of Manta birostris and related Mobula rays. It will also publicize the need for action to protect and conserve an important species.

Free registration required for entry. Deadline is the end of 2004.

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ScubaCore Issue 2 Photo

ScubaCore Issue 2

ScubaCore wrote us to let us know that issue 2 of their DVD magazine is shipping.

ScubaCore Issue 2 features in-depth Dive Portraits of Truk Lagoon with its famous WWII wrecks aboard the Truk Odyssey, diving in a marine preserve on Bonaire, a trip to the Cay Sal Bank with the Nekton Rorqualand a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort.

In the Reports section, an interview with photographer Eric Cheng, a chat with representatives of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and NOAA, and a feature on Amoray Dive Resort in Key Largo, one of the hidden gems of Florida diving.

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