Dome Theory

Wetpixel user Julian Scheunemann ("Jolly") shares a bit of the theory behind underwater dome and diopter optics. This article is technical.

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New INON housing supports Photo

New INON housing supports

Inon America is now stocking new AD Bayonet Mount Bases and fiber optic kits for the Nikon WP-CP1 and WP-CP2 housings, Fijufilm WP-FX701 housing, and Olympus PT-024 housing. The Mount Bases securely attach to the housings to provide stable attachment points for various accessories.

For more information, see Inon's website:

Nikon CP1 & CP2 Housing Support [Press Release] [News Release]

Fujifilm FX701 Housing Support [Press Release] [News Release]

Olympus PT-024 Housing Support [Press Release] [News Release]

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Canon 1Ds Mk II - 16.7 megapixels

A bit late on this one, guys, but I've been away. :) Canon has announced their new flagship professional SLR, the 1Ds Mk II, which features a 16.7 megapixel full-frame sensor and 4 frame-per-second shooting speed. It appears to share the same body as the Canon 1D Mk II, which will be good news for those of you who are on the list for Seacam housings. Read the press release at Steve's Digicams, or see a preview report at DPReview.

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Nikon Announces Compact 8 Megapixel Camera Photo

Nikon Announces Compact 8 Megapixel Camera

Today, Nikon announced the upcoming release of their Coolpix 8400 compact 8 megapixel digital camera. This compact uses the 8 megapixel Sony sensor popular in the Sony 828, Oly 8080, and Coolpix 8800. However, unlike these cameras, it doesn't sport a long zoom lens - instead using a 24-85mm equivalent optic, just about the perfect focal length for a mid-range zoom. This small unit may be just what compact underwater camera users are looking for as a replacement for the 5 megapixel Oly 5050 and Coolpix 5000. [Ed]It's been a while since I've been excited about a compact camera, because manufacturers have been leaning toward massive "prosumer" models. If Nikon or a 3rd party comes out with an affordable housing, this will be the camera I recommend.[/Ed]

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Nikon Announces the D2x Photo

Nikon Announces the D2x

Nikon today announced the long-awaited D2x professional digital SLR camera.  This camera captures twice as many megapixels as the body that it replaces, using the same DX format sensor size.  Some of the important specs for underwater shooters:

12.4 Megpixels CMOS
ISO 100 - 800
iTTL and dTTL compatible
Shutter flash sync at 1/250th with high speed iTTL sync
High (12.4) and low (6.8 megapixel) resolution shooting modes
Enhanced Wifi features

Excellent news for underwater shooters is that a number of housing manufacturers have already developed housings for the Nikon D2h which shares the same body as the D2x so hopefully housings will be available soon.

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