SUBIOS photo and video contest Photo

SUBIOS photo and video contest

Entries from across the globe are already being invited for the photo and video competitions of SUBIOS, the annual underwater festival of the islands of Seychelles.

The winners of the competition will receive airfare and accommodation for an exclusive Seychelles holiday, offering visitors a chance to explore this tropical getaway known for its sparkling blue water, white sandy beaches and lush mountainsides, in addition to its excellent diving.

The SUBIOS photo and video competition is an opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers to capture stunning shots of the natural underwater world at work. The yearly event, which in 2006 will be held from March 6-12, continually produces a number of impressive visuals taken in Seychelles and other places around the world – some focusing on sharks, turtles and whales, while others delve into the often curious relationship between organisms along colourful coral reefs.

Entry forms and additional details about the competition can be downloaded at www.subios.sc (continue reading for full press release)

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FiNS Magazine/Seaventures free trip contest Photo

FiNS Magazine/Seaventures free trip contest

Our friends over at FiNS Magazine are running a contest for a free dive trip to Seaventures, a converted oil platform for divers and photographers in Sabah, Malaysia.  The five questions can be found on FiNS’ website (scroll down and look for “Seaventures Contest Question”).  The answers are found in a series of .pdf articles on Sabah, and the answer and entry form is here.

It’s a little confusing, but you can win a trip.  :)

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Seacam Wet Diopter Photo

Seacam Wet Diopter

At this year’s DEMA show Seacam introduced a pair of wet diopters custom designed for their macro ports.  The MacroMate and the Seacam diopter are really different tools, and owning one does not preclude having the other in your arsenal. The MacroMate will go to 2:1, whereas I would estimate the Seacam #4 probably goes to about 1.3:1 magnification. The #4 is available now, packaged in a neoprene case and priced at $295.

I took a pair of the Seacam diopters with me last week on a shoot in St. Vincent. Actually, the vis was pretty bad because of an unseasonable amount of rain, so I spent most of the week shooting 100mm macro subjects, and truly enjoying it…

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BBC Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to Wetpixel member JP Trenque (better known here at Wetpixel as frogmansub) for winning the BBC Photographer of the Year competition. His picture of schooling barracuda was taken at Ras Mohammed in Egypt with the Nikon D100 and 10.5mm lens and was selected as the winner from a massive 12000 entries, by a public vote on the BBC Website. On the way to the final JP’s picture also won the Environment category (which itself attracted 2000+ entries). His prize is £400 towards a photographic assignement for the BBC website.

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BP Kongsberg Underwater Image Competition Photo

BP Kongsberg Underwater Image Competition

Now for something completely different - at least for most Wetpixel readers: a deepwater photography contest.  “As part of the 11th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, to be held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on 9 – 14th July 2006, a flagship underwater image and video competition is being launched. The competition, sponsored by BP and Kongsberg Maritime, will seek entries in 5 categories with the aim of showcasing the best biological and technical images and video clips from the deep sea. Entries from industry, scientists, support staff and professional photographers are all welcomed.” 

Wetpixel readers will be pleased to read that entries will NOT become property of the contest organization and will only be used for promotional purposes.  This competetion is being held under the auspices of S.E.R.P.E.N.T - the Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership Using Existing Industrial Technology.  Continue reading to view the 5 contest categories, prizes, and about the judging panel.

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Seacam’s SEAFLASH 250 digital strobe Photo

Seacam’s SEAFLASH 250 digital strobe

Straight from the Antibes Festival: there is a new Seacam-designed strobe called the SEAFLASH 250 digital, which will support Nikon i-TTL and Canon e-TTL with 250 watt-seconds of power.  It has selectable bulbs for two different color temperatures, and has manual power settings in additional to the two flavors of TTL. No replaceable battery pack, but Seacam assures us that the internal battery will be good for years.  Continue reading for full specifications.

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UwP Magazine #27 available for download Photo

UwP Magazine #27 available for download

Our friends over at UwP Magazine have released issue #27 (Nov/Dec), which includes full reviews of Nikon D2x housings by Charles Hood and Ken Knezick, workflow techniques by Paul Kay, James Wiseman, Alex Mustard, David Nardini and Mark Webster, a macro article by Cor Bosman, a review of the magic filter by Mike Veitch, and more!

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Nikon Announces the D200 Photo

Nikon Announces the D200

Nikon formally announced the D200 today - November 1st.  The camera sports a number of features that will make it wonderful for underwater use, including: 11 autofocus sensors, a 10-pin control port, 10 megapixel DX sensor, 2.5” LCD, ISO 100, compact form factor, etc.  Underwater photographers will be happy to read that this camera is only slightly larger than the D70 so it should readily fit into a compact underwater housing.  Many websites have posted preview reports about the camera today, but to find out specifically what underwater photographers think about the new camera, check out the active thread in our DSLR Forum.  Minimum advertised price for the camera is $1,699

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