Birmingham Image 2003 Festival Coverage

Wetpixel contributor Paul NG covers the Birmingham IMAGE 2003 Festival, in Birmingham, England.

Excerpt: "Many renowned international photographers (like Paul Kay and Constantinos Petrinos) were also o­n hand to sign their latest books o­n underwater photography. It was a real treat to chance upon a meeting at the Historical Diving Society

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Jonah 10D Housing Review

Wetpixel contributor Jason Grimes has returned from an exhaustive field-test of the Jonah 10D housing in Indonesia.

Excerpt: "Overall, the Jonah Housing performed remarkably well. I logged around 100 hours underwater using this housing and had very few problems, which is especially impressive considering it was o­nly the second housing ever made by Jonah for the Canon 10D.

"The owner of the company has rapidly responded to some of the issues related to the housing, such as replacing the button springs and the rubber nipples and I am extremely happy with its performance." [read the review]

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HydroOptix MEGA -4.5d Mask Review

We have posted a short review of the HydroOptix MEGA -4.5d panoramic mask, which gives wearers a wide-angle view of the underwater world.

Excerpt: "Barely twenty feet away was a 8'-9' hammerhead doing figure 8s, after having just chased a stingray under a coral head. I immediately signaled Laz and took off towards the shark, trying to adjust my zoom lens for a shot. Even though the shark was turning away, I'm convinced I never would have noticed it without the increased vision of the MEGA -4.5d mask." [read the review]

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Nikon 10.5DX Fisheye

Thanks to our friends at Aquatica for sending in an image of the new Nikon 10.5DX fisheye lens. This is the first diagonal fisheye lens for use with digital SLR cameras.

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