World Festival of Underwater Images

The World Festival of Underwater Images, held in Antibes, France, is regarded by many as the most important competition for underwater photographers and the deadline - 15th September 2005 - is fast approaching. Pleasingly, the Festival does not differentiate digital photographers into their own category and instead welcomes them to compete against other photographers irrespective of the type of equipment used. Let’s hope for more Wetpixel success this year to add to the Website Award that Eric won for this site in 2003. Visit the Antibes Festival website for rules and more information.

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In the forums - DSLR speculation

Wetpixel is widely known and respected as the prime location for helpful and accurate information on all aspects of digital underwater photography. Yet from time to time the members do like to indulge in a bit of wild speculation - and with strong rumours of two new DLRs from Canon and Nikon, its that time of year again! Both the hypothetical Canon 5D and Nikon D200 seem well suited to underwater photography and, in typical pocket battleship style, will probably have many high-spec features packed into their small bodies. So come in and join the fun. Remember the more “predictions” you make the more chance you have of being proved right!

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Ikelite - housings for Hollywood

There has been much merriment in the forums since Wetpixel member Motionsync spotted actress Jessica Alba posing with an Ikelite digital housing in a production photo from the new diving adventure film Into The Blue. Clearly Ikelite is the first choice housing for Hollywood’s underwater photographers! Ike himself expressed surprise that the membership had even noticed the housing, given the fact that Ms Alba looks rather better in her wetsuit than the average Wetpixelite!

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Wetpixel hits 4000 members

Wetpixel has today reached 4000 registered Forum members. Wetpixel topped 1000 members in May 2003, 2000 members in March 2004, 3000 members in December 2004 and now 4000 members in August 2005. Wetpixel members have written almost 60,000 posts packed with information, images tips and techniques on digital photography underwater in our forums. Our 4000th member ats who is also known as Aravind from India.

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BSoUP’s International Focus On

The British Society of Underwater Photographer’s is proud to announce a new style of photographic competition. For many years BSoUP has run monthly competitions for members to test their skills in a fun and informal forum. This month, using the power of the Internet, we are opening this competition up to all underwater photographers. It is FREE and easy to enter - just email your image in. Its a great chance to see what the experienced audience of British underwater photographers make of your pictures. There are no rules on image manipulation, but I would add that BSoUP members are all underwater photographers and tend not to vote for overly modified images.

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Eric Cheng Interview on NWP Photo

Eric Cheng Interview on NWP

NWP - The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum has just published the first part of an interview with Wetpixel’s own Eric Cheng. Eric is the Chief Editor and Administrator of this site and (while I know he would modestly deny it himself) a new and special talent in the world of underwater photography. In just a few years he has built up an incredible portfolio of some of the ocean’s most rarely shot creatures, while bringing to each the vision of a fresh photographic eye. Unsurprisingly, Eric’s images have been published and won competitions around the world. Previous interviews in this series by James Morrissey include Thom Hogan and Bjorn Rorslett.

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Aquatica D2X Housing appears in the forums Photo

Aquatica D2X Housing appears in the forums

The eagerly awaited Aquatica D2X housing has recently shown its face in the Wetpixel discussion forums. This housing is one of the cheapest available for the increasingly popular Nikon D2X camera. The housing is machined from solid aluminium and has many new features such as quick release tray with lock, spring tensioner on the command and sub command controls. It also has a built in eyepiece which allows viewing of the entire area of the finder. Note that this version is a pre-production unit and the controls will all be labelled on the final version. I am sure some sample images will appear here soon, once Wetpixel member Jean Bruneau has taken the housing diving in the next few days!

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John A. Kendall’s Sea & Sea gear

Note from Washington Dulles International Airport is below. If anyone knows who John A Kendall is, please contact Brad Lally at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address):

The Washington Dulles International Airport Lost & Found office has a piece of equipment with a “John A Kendall, J3 Systems , LLC” engraved on it and a Sea And Sea decal on it. Do you have a customer “John A Kendall” and/or “J3 Systems, LLC”? If so can you put us in touch with this person or company so we can arrange to return this equipment to him? If we cannot locate this person or company the equipment will go to auction in 60 days. Thanks.

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