Whatever Happened to the Spiegel Grove?

A couple months ago when the national media reported on the botched Spiegel Grove sinking off Florida, they of course never followed up to let us know how the story ended. The huge ship finally ended up on its side at the bottom, not exactly the original plan, but still offering some great sport diving. When the ship began to sink, Victor Gircys of http://www.underwaterporthole.com was nearby with his Canon s300 digital camera and was able to record the premature sinking. Victor's sinking sequence are the only photos taken from a boat.

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DigiDeep Website Launch

DigiDeep is the name of a new Underwater Digital Photography website that recently joined wetpixel.com on the internet. The Germany-based site, maintained by Andreas Voeltz and Lars Kirchhhoff, features a photo of the week, as well as the most comprehensive underwater digital equipment list found anywhere.

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Ikelite Adds More To Digital Line

Ikelite is always sneaking new digital camera housings into their lineup. Ikelite undoubtedly makes the widest variety of underwater housings for digital cameras anywhere. Since we last reported o­n the Indiana-based manufacturer, housings for the following cameras may have been added to their current or future offerings:

Fuji S1 Pro Custom
 Kodak DX-3900 and DX-4900 Nikon Coolpix 5000 Sony DSC-S75 & DSC-S85 Sony DSC-F707

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Ultralight For Digital Too

While digital housings and cameras may still become obsolete in a few short weeks, many wetpixel readers and digital underwater enthusiasts have discovered that your tray and strobe arms don't have to. Ultralight Control Systems makes highly durable universal trays and arms that work great with the biggest to the smallest digital system and your choice of strobes. Arms represent the investment that will work with your next system too.

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