Seacam 1D/1Ds, D100, S2Pro Housings

SeaCam USA has announced new housings for the Canon EOS 1D/1Ds, Nikon D100, and the Fuji S2 Pro. Also available is System Flash, is the "only way to get TTL o­n digital cameras," according to Seacam. The EOS 1D/1Ds housing is expected to ship within the next 45 days, followed shortly by the D100 and S2 housings.

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BreezeBrowser 2.5 and Downloader 2.0

Every o­nce in awhile I feel the need to plug BreezeBrowser because it saves me so much time. If you are using a digital camera with a PC running Windows, you owe it to yourself to download Breeze Systems' BreezeBrowser and Downloader. BreezeBrowser: "the fast, efficient way to view, rotate and annotate JPEG images from all digital cameras. Includes a powerful HTML generator, high quality conversion of Canon raw files and many other tools to help get the most out of your digital photographs." Downloader transfers images from your camera and cardreader, renaming files while copying them to customizable folders (folder names can be dynamically created based o­n file information).

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Olympus announces new housings

Melville, New York, March 3, 2003 - Olympus America today introduced three new heavy-duty housings to support underwater digital imaging enthusiasts. The PT-014, PT-015, and PT-016 underwater housings are designed for use with Olympus C-50 Zoom, C-5050 Zoom and Stylus 300 or 400 digital camera models, respectively. These models have been available for a long time now from Japan, and this press release probably means that Olympus is going to start distributing the housings in the USA.

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Mauricio Handler’s Aquatica D100 Review

Wetpixel has posted a review of Aquatica's new D100 housing, written by Mauricio Handler. A snippet from the review: "The first thing I noticed when I took an initial look at this fully functioning prototype was that it was very similar in look, size and feel to other Aquatica housings particularly the A100. The cast aluminum housings are anodized black and painted using a durable polyurethane powder paint with a clear top coat giving the housing a very stylized finish. The housing felt comfortable in my hands..." [read the review]

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Gates announces Sony F717 housing

Gates Underwater Products announces the availability of the Sony F717 Digital Still Housing. The F717 is the sibling to the highly successful Gates F707 housing. Available in standard and pro versions, the F717 has several lighting options including NiteRider HID video lights or the Gates F1000ES dedicated flash unit, which is directly and actively controlled by the Sony DSC-F717 camera. Now with the F717, underwater photographers have a third option -- using any Nikonos-compatible underwater strobe unit. Owners of Nikonos-compatible strobes can connect them with the new F717 housing and receive flash synchronization from the Sony DSC-F717 camera.

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