New Feature Added - Getting Rid of the Underwater Blues Photo

New Feature Added - Getting Rid of the Underwater Blues

Wetpixel member Robert Delfs has contributed an excellent article entitled "Getting Rid of the Underwater Blues - Advanced Photoshop Techniques to Reconstruct Damaged Color Channels."  This extensive article has stimulated quite a bit of discussion in the underwater photographic community - now see what all of the fuss is about.
Make sure to browse through our large collection of feature articles by digital pioneers and experts!  Don't forget that Wetpixel is more than just a message board - we have news, contests, reviews, and many many articles for digital underwater photography enthusiasts. 

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New Feature Added - Tips for Using Adobe Camera RAW Photo

New Feature Added - Tips for Using Adobe Camera RAW

We have just added a new beginner column written by Craig Jones and James Wiseman which describes a 10-step process for converting RAW files using Adobe Photoshop CS.  Craig goes into great detail about how to use each and every feature of Adobe's Camera Raw converter.  If you're wondering how to get the most out of your underwater photos then this article is a "must read."

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Mod Light and Video Housing from LMI Photo

Mod Light and Video Housing from LMI

Light and Motion have released a new compact video housing called the Stingray III for the latest Sony MiniDV cameras HC20, HC30 and HC40. Nearly half the size of the original Stingray the new super compact Stingray III offers all of the same features of the full size model.

Other good news is that the popular Mod Light is back and improved. The Sunray Mod is powered by a rechargeable, memory free, high capacity, lithium ion battery. Burn times range from 50 minutes on the high setting to 90 minutes on low. Additionally, there is a conveniently located LED on the back of the light that informs the user of output levels, low battery warning and charging status.

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Rob Galbraith: CF Performance w/ the D70

Rob Galbraith has updated his compact flash card performance database to include the new Nikon D70 digital SLR camera. I was shocked to see that when used with the fastest card in the test, the D70 records a RAW file at an amazing 4670K/sec! This is twice as fast as the older Nikon D100 and Canon 10D and almost three times as fast as the Canon Digital Rebel.

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Aquatica developing a Kodak DSC Pro SLR/N Housing

Press Release Excerpt: Aquatica, o­ne of the world's true leaders in underwater housing design and development has recognized the potential of [the Kodak DSC Pro SLR/N] and is already producing the tooling for the first prototype housings for the new [camera].  The new housing will access all the key functions to a working depth of 300 feet.  All ports will be interchangable with those of other Aquatica housings,  keeping in line their policy of interchangability between systems...

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