A black and white series of humpback whales by Jem Cresswell

Jem Cresswell "Giants" - Behind the scenes from Jem Cresswell on Vimeo.


Photographer Jem Cresswell has released a series of stunning black and white portraits of humpback whales titled Giants. The series was shot over three years in the waters surrounding Tonga where the whales visit during their annual migration. The series is a selection of images weeded down from over 10,000 photos shot during his time there.

Cresswell was interviewed about the series by My Modern Met and a beautifully simply behind the scenes video is included.

Here is one excerpt from the interview:

I have always had a camera in hand, for as long as I can remember. I grew up exploring the rugged desolate coastline of Yorke and Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, surfing and camping with friends. This sense of escape and freedom grew my love of the ocean. The first time I put on a mask and looked underwater, I remember being so scared, I couldn’t believe how big the world seemed under there; it was quite intimidating. That feeling grew into a sense of intrigue and awe of life below the surface. I bought my first underwater camera when I was 17, 15 years on the drive is stronger than ever. There is so much to learn and be discovered about the creatures that exist below. This fuels my desire to see more, create more images and share the experience.

Read the full interview and article here.