Adobe adds Local Hue and Saturation controls

Today, Adobe has released significant updates to its Creative Cloud apps. Lightroom Classic 9.3, Lightroom 3.3, and Adobe Camera Raw version 12.3 all add new functionality and features. This includes the addition of local selective color and saturation adjustment. These allow for easier removal of color casts, which are often a feature of underwater images, due to the color of the water we actually shoot through.

Previously, if there was a local color cast, the only option was to attempt to use the White Balance Color and Hue sliders. In almost all instances, doing so resulted in a color casts elsewhere in the image.

To access the new selective Hue and Saturation tool, first add a selective adjustment using either Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, or Adjustment Brush tools. Remember, you can toggle a mask to view the area affected by the adjustment tool by tapping the o key.

Once you have selected an area, this will open the option of using a Range Mask. This is located at the bottom of the panel. In the mask’s drop-down, select Color.

In turn, this enables an eyedropper tool. This can be used to select a specific color in the image. To add additional colors or tones, hold the Shift key while clicking on the image using the eyedropper. Again, if the mask is enabled (o key), it is easy to see which parts of the image will be affected by the new tool.

There are two additional sliders within the local adjustment panels on the latest versions of the apps. The first of these is labeled Hue. Moving the slider alters the hue, in quite a dramatic fashion with exaggerated movements! More subtle changes allow the gradual reduction of the predominately blue or green casts we see in underwater images. There is a tick box close to the slider that enables even finer hue adjustment.

Beneath Hue is a Saturation slider. This simply allows the application of additional or reduced saturation to the selected color. Again, this can help when we have undersaturated blues in the water column or overpowering emerald green of temperate waters.

Other updates in Lightroom Classic 9.3 include:

Lightroom (the cloud-based version) is now updated to version 3.3.

Changes include:

Camera Raw 12.3 features an improved interface: