Adobe releases AI Driven Image Enhance in Lightroom

Adobe has released significant updates to its Lightroom apps and Adobe Camera RAW. The biggest addition is an option of enhancing the details of RAW files. This is done by Adobe’s Sensei Deep Learning engine which interprets and correct issues created by the demosaicing applied by the camera’s image processor. Enhance Details is an option within the Photo menus of Lightroom CC (v.8.2) and Lightroom Classic CC (v.2.2).

The new enhancement actually produces a new version of the selected image(s) as a DNG RAW file. This can then be edited as normal. Adobe suggests that the advantages of the algorithm are of most significance when images are printed at large size.

In the latest release, Lightroom CC also has HDR, Pano and HDR Pano Merge tools, the Targeted Adjustment Tool and histogram clipping indicators added.