Alien Skin announces Exposure X3

Alien Skin on Wetpixel

Alien Skin has announced a new version of their Exposure RAW photo editor and organizer. X3 adds a side-by-side comparison view, virtual copies, linear and radial gradients in local adjustments, new overlays, blend modes, toning enhancements, keywords and collections.

Exposure X3 will be shipping from the fall and will be priced at $149. There are upgrade pricing options available.

Press release

Announcing the Upcoming Exposure X3!

We are very happy to announce the upcoming release of Exposure X3. It’s the latest version of our award-winning non-destructive RAW photo editor and organizer, and it includes a ton of helpful new features. You can view the Exposure X3 intro video above.

New Organizing and Creative Features

Side-by-side Comparison View There’s a new side-by-side view that enables you to view multiple images. You can use this in several helpful ways. Together with Exposure’s new preset audition mode, you can now easily audition multiple presets, seeing them onscreen simultaneously. Or you can use side-by-side to speed up your image culling by comparing similar images to find the very best one.

Virtual Copies

You can even use side-by-side view when working with virtual copies, another cool new feature. Virtual copies enable you to create multiple variations of a single photo, without taking up additional disk space. This works great for experimenting with different creative looks. For you multi-taskers out there, you can work with two or three virtual edits on screen, and export one or all of them if you choose.

Linear and Radial Gradients for Local Adjustments

There are new linear and radial gradient tools for achieving a natural, seamless fade between two or more effects.

New Overlays, Blend Modes, and Toning Enhancements

New adjustable borders include grunge and wet plate looks. Additionally, there are new blend modes available for all overlays. New color and B&W toning enhancements give you greater control over your image adjustments.

Keywords and Collections

Master your workflow with new organizing tools like keywords and collections. Use keywords to add descriptive metadata to your photos, making it easy to organize photos around themes and to create keyword sets. Use collections and quick collections to flexibly group your images, no matter where they appear on your computer.

Sue Bryce Exposure X3 Demo

Master photographer and educator Sue Bryce is a longtime user of Exposure, and edits all of her work with it. She recently demoed Exposure X3 at The Sue Bryce Education Portrait Master’s Conference, a 3-day conference of master portrait photographers.

Exposure is every action I’ve ever wanted, all in one software product. It helps me bring a painterly, Old Masters-feel to my images with one click of a button,” she said.

Pricing and Release

We’re excited to bring Exposure X3 to you later this fall, so stay tuned!

Exposure X3 is $149. If you already own Exposure, you can buy Exposure X3 for a special upgrade price of $99. If you buy Exposure X2 on or after September 1st, we’ll send you Exposure X3 as a free update!

If you’ve never tried Exposure, we encourage you to try it free for 30 days!