Amphibico announces the Genesis FS700 housing

Amphibico has announced the imminent release of its Genesis housing for the Sony NEX-FS700 camera. The new housing features the company’s customary electronic controls with access to over 25 camera functions from the grips and is machined from marine grade aluminum. Monitoring is available via a top mounted window, and the housing will be compatible with a wide variety of Sony E-mount lenses. Lastly, the housing features a bayonet port lock system that is compatible with Aquatica ports.

The Genesis FS700 will be available from April at a US retail price of $6395.00.

Press Release.

Amphibico Genesis FS700 housing for the Sony NEX-FS700U

The Amphibico “GENESIS” line of compact Prosumer HD housings is proud to announce its next creation for the Sony NEX-FS700 camera.

The Sony NEX-FS700U Super 35 Camcorder is a fully professional large-sensor video camera. Hot on the heels of the FS100, this compact, highly modular camera uses a very similar-sized Super 35 CMOS sensor as the FS100. But as a marked improvement over that earlier model’s sensor, the FS700 features a native 4K resolution sensor. Unlike smaller, broadcast-style sensors or the larger “full-frame” sensors of some DSLRs, the NEX-FS700’s imaging area matches that of standard Hollywood film cameras. The sensor’s large size offers a variety of other advantages, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower image noise, and an exceptional dynamic range.

One unique feature for a camcorder of this class is the FS700’s ability to record bursts of super-slow motion video at rates up to a whopping 960 fps. (These bursts range from 8 to 16 seconds, depending of the frame rate). Full-resolution recording is possible at up to 240 fps; at 480 and 960 fps, resolution is reduced.

As for the housing, it is built with the same high quality solid aluminum construction as our previous pro line of housings, no compromise was taken to create the New “GENESIS” line from Amphibico. Keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance, its compact design with an integrated electronic grip system makes the unit extremely user friendly underwater. Our engineers worked very diligently on its design, keeping in mind size, weight, balance and it’s on board electronics allowing easy and complete access to all key camcorder functions, it will give users the ability to create the best possible HD video underwater.


MSRP $6395.00US.

Key Features:

Solid Construction:

Precision machined from a solid block of marine grade aluminum giving endless durability. Black anodized for corrosion protection a layer of tuff military grade polyurethane powder coat paint and a final coat of clear for the outmost durability in harsh sea water.

Full Camcorder Control.

Complete access to your camcorder while filming underwater. The Genesis boasts a host of features that is certain to pacify the most passionate of underwater video professionals. With dual electronic grips and menu control panel, this housing gives complete access to your camcorder while filming underwater.

Top Mounted large 3.5” Window.

For convenient and easy filming through Sony’s sharp, large and bright 3.5 XtraFine™ LCD/ Viewfinder. Located on the optical axis, the 3.5-inch-type XtraFine LCD panel enables easier, more intuitive framing.

Bayonet Lens Mounting System.

Given that the Sony FS700U camcorder features a Super 35mm E-Mount Interchangeable Lens System, a great variety of current and future E-mount lenses from Sony Zeiss, are compatible.



Features & Controls:



Measurements include grips

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