Amphibico Endeavor housing for Sony HVR-V1U review and field test

This is the breakdown of the major Pros and Cons of the Endeavor housing. This isn’t a cheat sheet/cliff notes so you’d only lose out if you don’t read the review.

• Very good handling and balance (Would’ve been excellent if there wasn’t that left tilt)
• Versatile 94° OPWA lens (works for medium WA to medium macro), vignette free
• Compact and light (about 12kg, and fits in a Pelican 1620 case, good for traveling)
• Access to custom picture profiles (for greater image control like knee control etc)
• One push Electronic WB that works.
• Plenty of useful controls all within reach (although not always easily) of your fingertips. 
• Good super macro choice with 20x (30x with digital zoom with a noticeable drop in resolution) lens and +X power diopter (which should fit in the standard dome port) and the use of expanded focus mode for accurate focusing.

Neutrals :
• Electronic Controls: Learning curve is relatively high with secondary functions in shift modes etc.
• Somewhat Pricey, especially for the 94° OWA and HD monitor as tested. (It is priced similarly to other brands with aluminum housings and electronic controls.)

• No ND filter access!
• Shallow water viewing of the HD monitor back can be difficult, especially with the sun behind. Too much reflection and screen isn’t bright enough.
• Using the menu control panel to change settings for SHUTTER, GAIN, WB and Picture Profiles is cumbersome to use frequently. (If like many, you shoot auto everything, then it’s not a major issue as the V1 allows some control over auto modes)
• Higher maintenance 94°OPWA lens. (I was warned by the manufacturer NOT to scratch the port) . It also has low quality cover. A soft rubber cover with hardened exterior would make it safer for packing and storage. For a high dollar option, it should come with a proper cover/case.
• Manual Focus: Lacks finesse and difficult to use.
• Plastic URPro red filter drops resolution and increases birefringence. They should provide the glass version.

Minor issues (possibly due to the housing being the prototype)
• Rubber feet came off on arrival (and I never replaced them).
• Right electronic grip went haywire 3 times in 4 weeks ( no zoom control), forcing a shutdown reset each time to solve the problem.
• A gear in the Iris control assembly fell off repeatedly (mostly in transport). It seemed to be missing a retaining shim to keep it in place.