Anglerfish Announces 1000 meter GoPro Housing

Anglerfish has announced a custom aluminum 1000m (3300 ft) housing for the GoPro HERO 9. It can accommodate the GoPro MediaMod which allows for the addition of HDMI out and external power in and has three M14 bulkheads to accommodate this.

Anglerfish can also offer a version that is rated to 3000 meters (9842 ft) on request.

Press release



Anglerfish custom underwater housing for GoPro HERO 9 Black is specifically designed for deep-sea applications. With a rating of 200-1000m, it is designed to be deployed for remote deep-sea camera setup. The housing is constructed from 7075 T6 High Strength Aircraft Aluminum.

The housing is designed to accompany the GoPro MediaMod which allows for use of the HDMI signal and external power supply. Three M14 bulkhead ports are installed for various accessories. These ports can be used for HDMI, Power, Wifi / Bluetooth antenna control cable, and vacuum valve. The use of M14 allows for use of third-party accessories.

The housing is designed with large real estate inside to house a high voltage power supply regulator. This allows the camera to be deployed with 2km cable without cable power losses that are associated with low voltage supplies.


Specification - GoPro hero 9 housing

Depth Rating: 1000m (custom high pressure version is also available up to 3km depth rating)
Material of Construction: 316SS / AL6061 T6 / AL7075 T6 / Titanium
* Overall Length: 135mm
* Overall Width: 91mm
* Overall Height: 60mm
* Weight: TBA

Dimensional Drawing