Anglerfish ships version 2 of their remote strobe trigger

Anglerfish Creative Lighting has announced version 2 of their optical remote strobe trigger. Trigger version 2 is lighter, smaller and has a sensor that has a wider field of view. Features carried over from version 1 include optical and electrical sync cable options and a built in rechargeable battery. It has a depth limit of 100 m (330 ft.).

Anglerfish Trigger version 2 is shipping now, please contact Anglerfish or your local distributor for pricing.

Press release

Anglerfish Trigger V2.0 is ready for shipping

Anglerfish Trigger V2.0 is ready for shipping. Its lighter, smaller and has wider angle of view for better sensing.


Typical Application:

Off camera macro snoot. By decoupling the strobe from the underwater housing, the photographer can move freely without disturbing the lighting

Wreck photography. Anglerfish trigger allows photographer to place a remote strobe inside the wreck to provide creative backlighting lighting

Cave photography. Remote strobe placed inside the cavern to light up the entire scene.

Image is ©Eli Wolpin.

Image is ©Eli Wolpin.